CUMSLOPPY STORY || Workman’s Comp. Part 2

As I sat at my desk I couldn’t wait till 2pm when once again I would sneak away to the 7th floor Men’s room. I was hoping that the construction guy I met yesterday was serious about meeting up again.

When 2pm finally came close, I left my cube and took the stairs down to the 7th floor. When I opened the door from the stairwell it was darker than normal and I couldn’t hear anything going on from the office renovations.

I found my way to the men’s room and quickly got into the stall. I had on a sweater, which I quickly pulled up over my head, exposing my chest. I undid my belt and lowered my pants down to my ankles. I sat on the john and started to play with my cock.

A few minutes later I heard to door open and there in front of the stall he stood. I could tell from his work boots and jeans. He pushed the door opened and I just sat there stroking my cock and licking my lips waiting for his hard cock to be pushed down my throat.

He quickly unzipped his jeans, never saying a word. He pulled down his pants and under pants in one quick movement. He his cock was already half hard and I leaned forward and took him into my mouth. The feel of his semi-hard cock was wonderful. I started to suck him slowly again feeling his cock grow harder and harder in my mouth. I put my hands on his ass and pulled him in closer. He was now starting to fuck my face just as he did the day before. He put his hands on my head holding it steady while he fucked away.

He would start slow then speed up then slow again. A couple of time he would push his cock down deep in my throat that it almost gagged me.

I was hoping he would cum soon as I had to get back to work but he really seemed to be enjoying it even more than yesterday.

Then without warning the door to the men’s room opened. I tried to pull away from him but he just stood there and kept fucking me. Then I realized that the guy who walked in must have been a friend of his or something because before I could even think this guy was standing next to him with his cock out of his pants stroking away.

He then pulled his cock from my mouth and before I could even take a breath the other guy had his cock in my mouth. Once again my mouth was getting fucked only this time even harder than before.

“Yeah cocksucker, suck that big cock of mine” he said.

Then before I knew what was happening he pulled me up by my arms and I was outside the stall.

“Suck his cock you faggot,” he said to me and I was once again sucking the first guy. Then the second guy came and stood behind me. I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen and just tried to think about the cock I was sucking.

He then started to rub my ass and with his hard cock, which was about 8” or more, he started to rub his cock up and down my crack. Then he spat down on his cock getting it nice and slick. He then put his cock head near my hole and without any warning he shoved his cock inside me. At first I thought I would pass out from the sharp pain but it soon dissipated and he was now fucking my hole.

“Keep sucking his cock faggot,” he said.

He fucked me for about 3 minutes when I could feel his cock getting hard and his breathing even harder. I also knew that soon my mouth would once again be filled with hot man juices.

“Oh yeah – fuck fuck fuck I’m gonna shoot” is what he said as my ass was filled with hot creamy man juices and almost at the same time the other guy shot his load down my throat.

Then they both pulled out leaving me weak and filled with cum. Quickly zipping themselves up the first guy came over to me, wiped some of the cum that was on my face. Gave me a smile and left.

I then got myself together and looking in the mirror I smiled at myself…yeah! I can’t wait till tomorrow.

Courtesy of StickyPen. 

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