CUMSLOPPY STORY || Workman’s Comp. Part 1

I was sitting at my desk at work reading some stories on Sticky Pen and I was getting horny. My cock was pressing against my pants just aching to get out and be stroked.

I didn’t want to use the men’s room on the floor of my office for fear someone from my office might come in so I ventured down a few floors to where I knew the offices were being renovated and no one was around at so I thought.

I took the stairs down two flights and entered the empty floor. I knew from previous times that the men’s room was directly below the one on my floor. When I opened the door the lights came on and I went directly to one of the two stalls.

I undid my pants and let them fall to the floor and then pushed my jockeys to the floor as well. My cock sprung out and I immediately started to stroke it. It felt so good stroking my cock as I stood in the stall. I pretended that I was being watched and this was turning me on even more.

I then sat down on the john, I took my shirt and pushed it up and over my head exposing my chest so I could play with my nipples, which were now hard. My pants were down around my ankles and there I was lost in never land stroking my cock, day dreaming about some of the cock stories I just read about with my eyes closed. I was such in a trance that I didn’t hear the door open.

Then the noise startled me it was just a clearing of a throat but lost in my trance it sounded like bomb going off. I opened my eyes and saw a figure of someone standing outside the stall I was in. I looked down and saw whoever it was, was wearing jeans and work boots. Then I noticed as I looked up his eyes were peering in at me between the door and the opening of the stall. He moved slightly and I could tell he was rubbing his own cock. I started to get nervous not knowing who might be there but then decided to go for it. I stood up and reach over and unlocked the door to the stall.

The door came slightly opened and then was helped by his hand. There standing in front of me was one of the construction workers I’ve seen from time to time in the building.

He didn’t say anything at first but just kept rubbing his cock through his jeans. By now I could tell his cock was hard and it looked like a nice size. Then without hesitation I reach out and moved his hand away from his cock and placed my hand there. I started to rub him and could tell he was big. I undid his jeans, pulled down his zipped then took both my hands and lowered his pants. He was standing there in his white underwear still not saying a word. I then put my hands under the rim of his whities and with one quick movement they were down to his ankles. His 8”cock sprung out at me, dripping pre cum from his mushroom like head. I stroked him lightly then quickly went down on him.

I started to suck him slowly at first, letting my tongue explore his hard veined shaft and encircle his head. Then he reaches down and places his hands on my head and started to move my head back and forth. His cock was now fucking my mouth. In and out he went moaning with each thrust. Soon I felt his cock grow even harder and his legs started to quiver.

Then I felt it, a few spurts at first then he placed his hand behind my head and shoved his cock deep into my mouth and started to erupt. Soon my mouth was filled with rich hot cum. He left his cock there for a minute or two then he pulled out, quickly pulled up his pants. I was still on my knees stroking my own cock with some of his cum.

He then turned smiled and said – “good cock sucking buddy. Tomorrow at the same time?”

Courtesy of StickyPen. 

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