Just Released || DRUNK ON CUM 6 – Hard Training

There are stages in the life of a true cocksucker. When you’re a junior cocksucker, you learn about teeth, breathing, how to use your tongue. When you get more advanced, it’s time to get serious about that gag reflex, opening your throat, being happy and willing to suck and swallow whatever’s put in front of your face.

No matter what stage you’re at, there’s always time for some good old basic training.

At TIM, we’ve all but set up a school for advanced cocksucking. And guys come to us all the time asking for experiences that will hone their skills, that’ll make men line up to shove their dicks down a well-trained, ever-hungry gullet.

So sit back, start stroking, and watch some ace dick-dogs doing their damnedest to learn the finer points of this timeless art. – Paul Morris


JAMES ROSCOE came to me asking for a big favor—he wanted to get to the next level as a cocksucker. He needed work on three things: endurance, gag-reflex, and cum-guzzling. “I’ll pay you whatever you want, if you’ll help me out,” he said. No sooner said than done. JAMES has always been a great cocksucker: he never hesitates to get down on his knees, open wide, and suck whatever is put in front of him. “I don’t give a fuck what the guy looks like, so long as he has a dick that needs sucking.”

SCENE 2 – Six Loads

When BLAKE DANIELS (one of my favorite jizz addicts) called me the day of his shoot, he said he’d never been able to get his fill of cum during any sex scene. So I had one of my guys hustle around town to local sleazy sex venues and bring me some used, cum-filled rubbers. NEVER waste Jizz!

SCENE 3 – Blue Swallows Ten

I’ve often called BLUE the best fucking whore-cocksucker in San Francisco. He’s risen to every oral challenge I can throw at him. What’s next? I thought, “Could he survive getting face-pounded by more than a dozen guys?” It was hard to find that many cocks in San Francisco that had never been in BLUE’s mouth. But, within days of Mack Folsom Prison’s closing for good, we flew in a few friends and the scene came together nicely.

SCENE 4 – Control

Even the most submissive cocksucker can use a refresher course in dick worship. MARCUS is by nature obedient and slave-like when faced with a cock. But he’d seen JACK ALLEN in one of my vids and begged to be given a chance to worship him.

JACK is a gentle man who knows how to make a mouth-fucking a real lesson in subtle and real control. He straddles and rides little MARCUS, sometimes tender, sometimes bone-jarringly rough, always in total control. Afterward, MARCUS’s windpipe was so stretched out he could barely speak. But it didn’t keep him from coming over to me, kneeling and gasping, “Thank you!”

SCENE 5 – The Virtuoso Cocksucker

MARCUS IRON is one of the hungriest cocksuckers I know. He stopped by my office one day, mentioning that he’d been swallowing at least one load a day for the past 29 days and needed some help finding his 30th load. It would be a personal best. Always willing to help a man in need, I made a phone call and had JAKE in the office within an hour.

SCENE 6 – John Swallows Eight

New TIM exclusive JOHN DAHL fantasized about pulling a cocksucking train. He was nervous about being able to handle such a big task, but I had confidence JOHN would live up to my expectations and his hopes. He’d never done anything like this and was ready to give it the TIM effort. He’s a bigmountain of submissive muscle ready to be trained and used.

SCENE 7 – Chris and Mark

I don’t know if I’ve ever met a more cum hungry sub-pup than MARK. What makes him especially interesting is that his fiancee, a lovely young woman, waited outside while he groveled on his knees and serviced Latin cocksman CHRIS. Yeah, she knew what was going on. A man’s got needs.

MARK was eager – maybe a bit too eager. He gags immediately, causing dominant CHRIS to pile-drive his throat until the kid pukes. MARK takes a quick breath and then lunges right back onto the throbbing hard-on. CHRIS utterly uses and abuses the soon-to-be-married man’s mouth, dragging his heavy wet nut sack across the kid’s nose, turning around and riding the kid’s face with his sweaty butt-crack. CHRIS shoots his load into MARK’s eager orifice, and crams his fist into the sub’s mouth, forcing every last drop of cum down the gulping throat.

SCENE 8 – Luke Swallows Five

In his everyday life, LUKE is dominant, in charge. But he longs to be forced into submission and used by gangs of men. Every shoot with him is a lesson in forced training and degradation.

We laid LUKE out on a table, surrounded by five hard-as-nails cocks. Hanging his head off of the edge, they pound his face and grope his defenseless body. One by one, you can see the cocks bulging deep inside his neck. Not breaking contact with the fat cock lodged in his throat, LUKE is pulled to the floor. On his knees, he is used by each man in turn – taking five loads into his worn out mouth.

SCENE 9 – Tennessee Swallows Two

They grow ’em obedient in the South. TENNESSEE is a Southern boy with a born talent for sucking dick. “I been blowing guys since I was a tadpole,” he told me. “Then, when we all got old enough to start shootin’ jizz, well, that was the frostin’ on the cake!”

This good ol’ sex slave isn’t about making porn, he’s about wrapping his lips around anything that wants a good sucking. He grovels and sucks and puts a lifetime of cocksucker practice into servicing the studs-at-hand, ALEX and GEMINI. And TENNESSEE doesn’t waste a drop of precious man-juice: in the end, he gets right down and laps up sperm from the filthy floor. The kid’s alright.


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