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If you were born anywhere outside of America, or a Jewish or Islamic family, you probably have a foreskin. Despite not knowing what it does, you’re probably pretty happy that you have one and aren’t particularly jealous of your Jewish, Islamic, or American equivalents. But by God, they’re becoming increasingly jealous of you.

Wayne Robb is the co-founder of NORM (National Organization of Restoring Men), an international group set up to promote the benefits of foreskins. It seems unlikely that it would be possible to re-grow a snipped foreskin simply by tugging on it (albeit for four hours a day, every day for a year), but Wayne and his friends have helped over 20,000 men do exactly that.

I asked Wayne why he loves foreskins.

Vice: Hello Wayne. Jews and Muslims have had their reasons for circumcision pretty set for a while. But why do people in America get circumcised?

Wayne: Well, in about 90% of cases they haven’t had anything to say about it. In America, doctors have been cutting babies at birth for over 200 years. It was the same in Britain until 1949, when an English doctor, Gairdner, wrote a report detailing why this was so stupid and so the Brits stopped.

I’ve read that it was brought over to America by British doctors who thought it would help stop masturbation.

Oh yes. Kellogg–who made Kellogg’s Corn Flakes–his brother was an advocate and said that little boys should be circumcised–and it should hurt–so that they don’t masturbate.

Did it work?

No, not for me!

So what’s wrong with cutting your foreskin off?

When you get circumcised, over a period of time, the glans and what tissue is left becomes calloused and hardened so the nerves you have left are hidden. When you restore the foreskin, that hard layer disappears and you restore the nerve endings and the good feelings. The foreskin alone has anywhere between 80 – 100,00 nerve endings in the “rigid band” and that’s where all the enjoyment is.

What first made you think you were missing out on something?

As a boy, I did my share–or more–of pulling and masturbating, and I had some loose skin over the glans; it felt very nice, even if only for a moment or two. I was never comfortable in clothes and I could never get underpants tight enough to protect my glans. When I saw my uncircumcised friends in boy scouts I thought “Wow! What’s that?!”

OK. So what are the methods to restore the foreskin? It looks like the only way is to keep stretching the skin. That sounds really sore.

By pulling at the skin what you’re doing is producing more cells, it’s just the same as having enough skin to cover your penis when it expands during an erection. Putting tension on it for three to four hours a day is enough to tell the tissue that you have the longest penis in the world and it’s got to grow enough tissue to cover it.

Great news. There are so many different products available to restore the foreskin. Each looks more torturous than the last. What’s the best?

Everybody has their own method to achieve the fastest results, but tissue expansion is a slow process. All the devices work in one way or another, you just need to be consistent and persistent in the regimen.

How does your own product, Foreballs work? It doesn’t look like it would help at all.

The smaller ball goes inside the shaft tissue on top of the glans, and you pull what tissue you have over the ball and tape it down. It acts like a weight putting tension on the skin.

Ouchie. Could you grow your foreskin indefinitely, to make it as long as you like?

Yes, you definitely can. Tissue expansion does that. You can grow it down to your knees or your ankles if you want, you just have to do it consistently and it’ll work. I have about four inches of overhang and I’m happy with that. I haven’t heard of anyone going further than that.

I’ve heard that circumcisions can sometimes take away the “frenular band.” We call that the banjo string. What’s it for?

That’s a good name for it. That is the most nerve intensive area on the penis and helps pull the foreskin back over the glans. It’s a very pleasurable area. It was originally cut off men to deaden sexual pleasure, thinking it would not only make men less driven by lust, but also women. The rabbi Maimonides said in the 13th century, that any woman who slept with an intact man would never go back to a cut man.

So banjo strings are the key to being good at sex? Great. People often defend circumcision on hygiene grounds, because it reduces chances of catching herpes by 30% and HIV by 60%. That seems like a good thing.

Since 1980, when they first discovered AIDS, half a million men have been killed in America. 90% of them were circumcised. Circumcision doesn’t prevent STDs, only condoms and abstinence does that.

I suppose. So why do you think circumcision is still carried out in America as a matter of course?

There are no reproducible scientific studies that prove that getting cut protects you from anything. People have been brainwashed by the doctors that you have to do it and they can’t admit that they’ve been doing something wrong for 200 years or they would be sued out of business. There have been a number of lawsuits in recent years. Half a dozen or so have sued successfully.

So it’s just a scam on behalf of the doctors?

Yes. They want to buy all of their fancy cars or whatever.

What would you like to see happen in the future?

I would like to go out of business; I would like to see no more mutilation of innocent baby boys or girls. Let people learn the facts and make up their own minds when they’re 18. Frankly, if they know the facts, they probably won’t do it.

  1. I’m european, any one want to play with my foreskin? [joke] … but honestly, I feel really, really sorry for guys who lost it because stupid parents or doctors who are idiots.

  2. I’m restoring mine too. Matter of fact, I’ve almost got complete coverage already. I’ve NEVER liked cut cock and especially not on myself.

  3. My friend Javier, who is 33, decided to have his penis circumcised. I tried to talk him out of it; but he had made up his mind. Javier’s dick is about 8×9 inches. His foreskin just barely covered a rather large mushroom head. We didn’t have sex for six weeks after the surgery. He says he’s happy with the results. I personally miss the foreskin and the scar tissue is still a bit rough feeling on my tongue. To each his own.

  4. The foreskin is like an extra bonus. I have a lot of overhang too and I couldn’t imagine myself not having it. I was never cut and yet I find the sensation of just pulling on it or playing with it a constant turn on. Although when going down on a guy it doesn’t really matter to me if he’s cut or uncut.
    I do prefer that the practice of cutting would stop and to let the individual decide for himself when he’s older.

  5. One of my favorite fuck buddies also has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen or experienced and he has been a restorer for years. He looks like an uncut dick and it is awesome, so I can say I’ve seen this type of thing work. Damn I need that man to visit me again soon.

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