Pre-Release – OVERLOAD || Christian & Peto Coast

These two men were destined to fuck. When CHRISTIAN agreed to travel to Europe to work with Liam, his one demand was that he meet PETO COAST. “Non-negotiable,” is what CHRISTIAN said. 

Their meeting resulted in a deep-fuck session that rewrites the rules of mansex. PETO fucks like a one-man gangbang, dealing CHRISTIAN a merciless rut that would kill a beginner. But CHRISTIAN…well, he’s no beginner.

  1. Why does all the European TIM porn look like smudgy shit filmed with a cell phone? would it really be too much to turn on a goddamed light during the fucking? or would that ruin Liam’s little artistic pretentions? reality check, you’re making porn.

      1. you’re confusing a filter they put on the images with the actual video… besides..almost no one is better at filming hot movies than Liam. Kudos

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