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I am a huge fan of Liam Cole, one of the directors for Treasure Island Media. He is an interesting person from what I know about him, and has a unique mind that creates some of the hottest gay bareback porn out there.

His new film, recently released, is called OVERLOAD, and features 20 hot men who reach a state of sexual overload due to the intensity of the fucking in this film. Liam has made a variety of porn flicks with different themes generally due to the locations and the men in his films. In this film he features some hot boys with insatiable holes, and cum-filled cocks ready to open those tight holes to their pleasure.


This 2 hour film features Christian, one of my favorite bottoms. You may recall I wrote a feature titled “Why I love Christian”. His amazing fuckhole gets me going each time. Now I am a slut bottom myself, and know how to open up my hole to accommodate a cock–but he takes those monster cocks with ease. And when Peto fucks him, the pleasure of that fucking jumps right off the screen and into my hole. I just imagine I am the one getting fucked by that hot top.

One of the hottest gang bangs I have seen is when Yuri gets raped by JEREMY TORREZ, MARTIN PULI, LUKE PASCOE, PAUL MANN, ROB TYLER and MARC DANN. If you like buckets of cum, this scene will make you crave more. The pounding that Yuri takes is inhuman, and its amazing his hole can withstand the violence. Priam also has his own gang bang scene, and it is as relentless as Yuri’s. These men almost seem possessed as these two guys get demon fucked.

I haven’t seen Luke before in one of TIM’s films, but then again I haven’t seen all of the many TIM films out there. Luke is a hot boy, with a massively thick dick. He and Sebastian take turns fucking Jake, another young guy with a hot body. Seeing those big dicks slide up into Jake makes me feel like I am there and next in line.

There are several other hot fucking scenes in this film which I will let you discover on your own. And they are amazing. The camera angles put you right in the middle of the sex.

The Bonus section is so erotic to me. Dean Monroe sucks and gets sucked by Harley Everette. Harley makes it clear that he wants Dean’s ass, but Dean made it clear that he was only sucking cock. Harley pushes it further, and things heat up. But you will have to get the video to see what happens!

Liam did a great job with this video (as always). I liked the lighting in this one as I could see the action without my eyes being drawn to a specific event as it would with an on-cam light. Get this film. It is a five star masterpiece.

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