CUMSLOPPY STORY || Never Ending Service

I used to have a HOT fuck buddy who was a major sub who I’ll call Pedro. Pedro would always call me SIR and liked it when I treated like a bitch, like he was less of a man and of course he treated me like I was a sex God. He even wrote out a series of prayers that he asked if he could say at night before bed to me. I told him that he was a worthless fuckhole and I wouldn’t listen to any stupid shit he wrote. I frequently fucked him and would tell him that his hole was BARELY better then my hand and I would only fuck his hole when I couldn’t find any BETTER hole to fuck. In reality, Pedro’s hole was amazing. He Latino, was 5′ 7″, 190 pounds, 35 years old with a nice furry goatee just like daddy likes them! He was so fun to throw around in bed and pretend that I hated his fuck hole, that he was a bad lay and that his ass was not worth a jar of change.

Anyway, Pedro met a guy named Zack and they ended up dating. Zack would occasionally lend me Pedro’s hole so I could still breed him, but I didn’t like that I had to go through Zack to get to Pedro. That hole belonged to me and Pedro and I knew it, so I devised a plan to get Pedro back. Unfortunately Pedro would never come play with me if Zach didn’t let him or if Zach didn’t know hadn’t expressly agreed to as much, so I texted Pedro one morning. The exchange was as follows:

“Hey boy, hows that useless sloppy fuckhole doing?”

“Horny SIR… Zack doesnt use me very often anymore…”

“Sorry to hear that boy… if you were my boy it’d be different…. I’d lend your ass out all the time and in the off time i’d be breeding that fuckhole full of other guy’s cum”

“That makes me happy SIR…”

“Well, are you doing anything today? would you like to come hang out and watch tv with me?”

“Yes SIR… but no sex… remember I can’t play without Zack…”

“Thats okay I already bred a few boys this morning”

“okay SIR”

So Pedro arrived looking sex as hell, and I told him to sit on the couch and get him a glass of water. I went into my bedroom and set up a hidden camera pointing at the bed, taking out my handcuffs and placed them under the bed where they could not be seen. Then I set my plan into motion. I called Pedro into my room and asked if he wanted to lay down and cuddle, to which he said Yes. When I started spooning him, I reached under and grabbed the handcuffs, already unlocked and ready to trap him. Once he was relaxed and not paying attention, I attached the handcuffs after putting pressure on his body. He looked up at me asking “SIR, what are you doing?”

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Never Ending Service

“I know you need a good breeding and that’s exactly what I’m gonna give you.” “No SIR, I can’t. Maybe I can just suck it? Zack will know if you breed me.” “Whether or not Zack finds out will be determined by whether or not you can keep your whore mouth shut, boy.” I knew he wanted my cum in him. It just took a little convincing! I started by having him slobber all over my fuck stick, intending all the time to re-instate my dominance over Pedro – notwithstanding his relationship with Zach. As he was sucked my cock I got my poppers out and shoved them under his nose and made him sniff for a long time. Being in handcuffs, he knew he had to be a good boy or that I would rape him real good – no lube, and that I wouldn’t stop. So he complied and sucked cock like a pro and got nice and uninhibited on poppers.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Never Ending Service

Now the fun part began. I lubed-up his hot HAIRY ass and thought about how I was gonna love seeding Pedro’s hole, showing him to whom he REALLY belonged. This got me ROCK HARD. I slid into that sweet cum dump’s ass and was in pure ecstasy. I pounded away at his ass doggy style, stretching out his ass that hadn’t been used by his partner several weeks. He was moaning at the top of his lungs and saying “YES SIR! Fuck my hole! Is it any good?” “Nope. It’s barely better then my hand SLUT!” I keep laying into his sweet ass until I was ready to breed him, showing him who really owned his ass. “FUCK yeah boy I’m gonna use that FUCKHOLE. Make it nice and WET and make you limp back to your BORING HUSBAND.” “YES SIR! Fill me UP! I need it BAD!” “HERE IT COMES, BOY!”

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Never Ending Service

For what seemed days, I shot cum up his hairy fuck hole, filled him up and left his ass WET with cum dripping out of it. Then once I was done, I undid the handcuffs and told him I had something to show him. I went over to my webcam and pulled the shirt I had over it, hiding it from his view. “See this boy? Its my webcam, and it recorded me fucking and BREEDING that sweet fuckhole of yours.” “SIR, why do you torture me like this? You made me cheat.” “You know you wanted it boy. You love it when I breed your hairy cunt. ADMIT IT!” “Yes SIR. You know I do.” “Well, if you want this to remain a secret between you and me and for me NOT to show your partner that you’ve been an unfaithful slut, then you will be my FUCK HOLE whenever I want it. You will sneak around on Zack and I will be the one who OWNS that hole. “YES SIR”

MORAL OF THE STORY/ENDING – What I didnt mention in the story is that Zack always wanted to breed my ass and always asked me and never told my fuck buddy. They both wantied to be unfaithful to each other and ultimately happened is Zack found out about what Pedro and I had done, he got mad for a few hours. The tension was resolved when Zach announced that if Pedro was happy with servicing me, his new master, then he, Zach, didn’t mind it if I used Pedro’s fuckhole whenever I wanted it. After that I would regularly breed his Pedro’s sweet ass, and then I generally texted Zach, saying I just deposited a big nut inside Pedro’s hole, and that he, Zach, should look forward to fucking a sloppy cumhole that night. And everyone lived HAPPILY ever after.

Courtesy of Breedingzone.


  1. The reality is so much more excitatory than the stories that I read sex- stories rear nowadays . (TIM gay porn is Yes all the time to my TV and other screens). But I liked that story, cause I m sub slut myself! Although I began to read because of those HOT images : )

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