CUMSLOPPY STORY || The First Load… and Then Some

I’ve been fucked by lots of guys with condoms on but never gone bareback… Until last week, anyway.

After chatting with a guy online and phone, I found myself knocking at his door that evening. He answered, a little shorter but broader than me, wearing just boxers and t-shirt, and showed me straight into his bedroom. We barely bothered with introductions; we knew what we were here for. Before, he’d asked me, “So, how about I eat your ass, and then fuck you good?” I’d been just a little hesitant, but told him, “I’m up for the first half… and maybe the second…”

CSS The First Load... and Then Some

So I was not surprised at all when he quickly shed his t-shirt, and more than willing to let him bend me over the bed, pull down my jeans and boxers, and plunge his tongue into my hole. I gasped and groaned, and then relaxed, feeling him go to work on me as promised. I couldn’t take it for very long without turning to pull down his boxers and pull his cock into my mouth, stroking the base and rubbing his balls as I eagerly sucked on him. I stopped to catch my breath, and to quickly pull off the rest of my clothes, before he and I moved to the bed. We traded hits from a bottle of poppers, and I knelt over him, sucking his cock again while he continued to work on my hole with his tongue. His hands squeezed and kneaded my ass while he ate me, and it was all I could do not to just beg for his cock.

Eventually he took matters into his own hands, pushing me forward and down off of him, and I stayed on my hands and knees, ass slick with his saliva, my hole waiting as I felt him shift onto his knees behind me, one hand on my hip as he guided his cock forward. I felt the hot, rubbery hard tip of his cock nudge against my hole, and just for a second I was about to ask for lube. Instead, all I said quietly was, “Go easy…” and took another hit from the bottle. I closed my eyes as I felt him press against me, slipping just a little in his spit… then my muscles gave in, and I felt all seven inches of his dick push into me. He felt fucking amazing, and it hit me just as he sank up to the balls into me: I was finally getting my ass fucked without a condom. Raw. Naked. Skin-to-skin. Bareback.

CSS The First Load... and Then Some

I shuddered at the sensation, and begged him, “Fuck me, fuck me…” as he took hold of my hips with both hands and began working my hole. He still had no lube but his spit, and I could feel him sliding back and forth, opening me up around his cock, breathing almost in time to his strokes. He stayed mostly deep inside me, pulling back once in awhile, but eventually I felt him speeding up a little bit, then suddenly shoving hilt-deep again, groaning deeply and shaking a little. My eyes opened, and I gasped out loud for a moment before I got my voice. “Did you just cum?” I managed to say. “Yeah…” he replied, still shaking a little. He was still hard, and as he began moving a little again, I could feel my insides just a tiny bit hotter than before… and definitely more slippery than they had been.

The guys I’d gotten fucked by in the past, the ones with condoms on, had stopped after cumming, but he surprised me by continuing, picking up right where he’d left off, and soon, I was fucking back at him, taking a hit from the bottle of poppers now and then as we continued, feeling his balls slapping just behind mine as he continued to fuck me, using his own cum as the lube I’d asked for earlier. All the while, I kept begging him, “Fuck me, please keep fucking me…” and pleading with him, “Let me know when you’re cumming again…” until I felt him stiffen again, giving me short, hard thrusts as he added a second load to the first.

He eventually paused, sliding back a bit, and I slipped off of him, but not for long. I took the chance to ask him to let me be on top, and so I squatted over him, guiding his cock up into my hole once more, now slick with cum and spit. My hole was still a little tight, but I easily took him all the way in, sliding back and forth and feeling his cock moving inside me. He groaned out loud as I rode him, directing me to play with his nipples, and returning the favor as I moved faster, rising up now and then to sheathe him deep into me again.

“Cumming again…” he got out, and I moved faster and harder. “Go on, cum, breed me, knock me up, give me that load, please fuckin’ cum…” I used every phrase I could think of, working his cock with my ass. I could feel him bumping into my prostate and I could see my cock beginning to swell—something else I’d almost never seen while being fucked in the past. His hands tightened on my legs as he thrust up into me, surprising me yet again with a third load. This time, I could feel something else: throbbing. As he came, I could feel his cock spasming inside me, throbbing with each quick spurt of his cum. I came to a stop, my hands flat on his chest, concentrating on this amazing feeling of his cock jerking inside me, until he soon subsided, still mostly hard.

CSS The First Load... and Then Some

We paused, then kept going, and after several minutes of determined fucking, I could hear the wet sounds of his cum, dripping out of my ass, as he moaned out loud and gave me one more load to go with the others. I felt him slip out of me, but he stopped just long enough to catch his breath before moving me with him to the edge of the bed again. He stood there, raising my legs to his shoulders, and I pulled my cock and balls up a little, still semi-hard, watching as he entered me again. We traded another hit from the poppers before he pushed up my thighs and sank deeply into my hole. It hurt just a little as he penetrated me deep, but I quickly ignored it in favor of amazement as he kept fucking me, his cock just hard enough to sustain the effort. He paused, reaching for a bottle of lube by the bed, squirting some around the base of his cock, keeping us both slippery—though there wasn’t much need for it as before, with all the loads he’d shot.

“You gonna cum again…?” I asked almost in disbelief, and he shook his head. “Take me a long time…” he replied, but kept fucking me, and I could feel my cock almost totally hard as he leaned down, kissing me deep as he climbed up onto the bed, pinning my body under his and planting his cock deep as it would go. I kept stroking my cock, feeling it finally swell to full hardness as he worked my ass some more. “Can I cum…?” I asked frantically. “Yeah…” he told me. At last I stroked myself furiously, feeling him slow down a little. “Fuck me, fuck me…” I begged again, and felt him keep going, the pleasure adding to the building pressure in my cock and balls, before I shot jet after jet of my own cum onto my stomach, shuddering, moaning underneath him.

He finally came to a stop as I fell limp beneath him, my cock still semi-hard, both of us panting for breath. After a long moment, he slowly drew his cock out, slick with lube and cum, and I reached down, stroking my hole in amazement, feeling the mixture coating me and dripping from me… Even the best, high-quality dildo is a poor substitute, and I don’t even know if a condom-covered cock will be enough. I don’t think I’ll be one-hundred-percent satisfied until I get another load… and then some…

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