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Paul Morris has been obsessed with men, their bodies and sex, all his life. With captivating photographs, raw observations, and a thoughtful, candid recounting of each singular encounter, Morris illuminates the nude bodies and revealed souls of the real men he meets. Now you can experience what it’s like to be in the studio with Paul through these behind-the-scene stories and full color images taken by the man himself.
PAUL’S MEN–a series of eBooks optimized for the Apple iPad by Treasure Island Media, so you can have hot, hung, beautiful men wherever you go. 

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He’s 26, a surfer who lives down the coast in Santa Cruz.  If he had the temperament to do so he could easily dominate anyone.  But more than anyone I’ve shot in recent memory, he has the feel of a man who longs to be objectified, to be put to use.

He clearly longed to be needed, to be touched. With every pose I rested my hands on him, gently moved him. I finally asked him about his sexuality. “It’s complex,” he answered. He was right.Always with straight men there’s a balance between power and desire.  


From the beginning he was completely at ease. He loved talking, loved telling stories about beautiful things he’d seen, wonderful experiences he’d had.

I asked him why on earth he’d shaven so completely. He said “I did it for you!” It turned out that I’d asked Pony to tell him that if he trimmed, I’d rather that he shave completely.

I told him that his smoothness made him seem more like a boy. He laughed a big, hearty laugh. “I had fun as a boy,” he said. “And I have more fun as a man.”

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