I’ve only barebacked a few times,and I loved it every time. However, my first time happened to be bareback.

I met this guy at an ABS when I was 18. He was about 35yo, 6’1″, 210lb, and black. I was having a smoke outside and he came outside as well. We shared a cigarette and started talking. He said that he thought I was pretty hot and how would I like to go back to his place. Obviously, I thought he was hot and said “Let’s go!”.

Once we got back to his apartment, he led me back to his bedroom. I immediately noticed that his closet was a huge mirror, and I thought to myself, “I’m gonna be watching myself get fucked tonight!”


So, we got undressed and crawled onto his bed. I think he sensed that I was inexperienced, since he was very gentle with me. He pulled himself lovingly to me and took my cock into his mouth. It felt indescribably intense. I immediately knew what I wanted. I eagerly wrapped my lips around his cock and went to work. I couldn’t suck his dick fast enough. It tasted so beautiful; the misture of his cologne, sweat and pre-cum. He groaned loudly with pleasure, letting me know that I was pleasing him. I swallowed him over and over, getting hotter and hotter all the while.

It was then I realized why I was getting so hot. He had stopped sucking my cock and was now sliding his tongue in and out of my ass. As incredible as having my dick sucked was, this was so much better. He wasn’t gently licking my starfish; rather he was fucking me with his tongue. My moaned gently and stopped sucking him and pulled away. I motioned him to lie flat on the bed.

I knew from past experimentation with various household items that my ass was tight and sensitive, so I urged him to be gentle. I climbed on top of him and kissed him. He reached over to his nightstand and pulled out a tube of KY. I squirted some on my hand and on his cock. I lubed up my asshole and stroked his cock. Then, I took hold of his cock and slowly guided him inside me.


The pain was intense for a moment, but then quickly subsided. I continued to force my ass down onto him and stopped only when he was completely inside me. He groaned his approval. I began riding him cowgirl; slowly at first and then gradually building up speed. At this point I was riding him hard and bucking wildly. This was when I got my wish. I turned around and watched myself in his glorious mirror, taking a rock-hard 8″ black cock deep inside my ass over and over while both of us grunted and moaned in ecstasy.


I could tell he was getting close, so I leaned forward and told him that I wanted his cum inside me. This was clearly what he had in mind, since he started grunting and practically yelling as he came inside me. I could feel him unload his payload inside me. I was so hot at this point that I couldn’t hold out any longer. I leaned back, arched my back; and without a single stroke I shot a huge load right in his face. He couldn’t have been happier as he wiped off his face.

I stayed the night, and we fucked several more times; doggie style, missionary and even standing up. We showered together in the morning (taking his sweet cum in my mouth for the first time!) and I left.

This happenecd many years ago, but I still think of him often. My first time, my first time with a man, and my first time bareback. A night for the ages.

Courtesy of CruisingForSex. 

  1. Fucking retards – hijacking me from MachoMoe all the time. I’ve bought many DVD’s from your firm, but not anymore. TIM sucks big time.

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