CUMSLOPPY STORY || Getting My Fill

Had not had too much action lately and was very horny. This was a Saturday and I had the day to myself. I took 2 enemas to clean myself and went to the local ABS in Woodbridge, NJ. Was there for 3 hours and was kinda dead. Sucked 1 guy off but that was it.

Then I had an idea. I went across the street to the Gem Motel and rented a room. Told them it was for 3 so I got a real big one. Then I took some labels from my car and wrote on them…”Pig for kinky use in room 24 at the Gem Motel and the date.” Then I went back to the room and stripped. As I laid there and drank from a quart of Malt Liquor i brought and snorted some poppers and teased myself. I used my nipple clamps on me and a few clothing pins on my balls, then worked a didlo in and out of my ass to get it ready.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Getting My Fill

It was almost too much and after an hour by myself I was gonna cum when I heard a knock on the door. I slowly opened the door and this guy says “You the PIG?” As I nodded he came in, slammed the door, and started to pull on the nipple clamps chain. As he did so he whipped out his cock. You could smell the beer on his breath. His cock was soft and he had me suck it. As I did so it got hard and he then laid me on the bed and sat on my face, making me lick his ass as he played with my balls with the clothing pins.

Finally he rolled me over and fucked my ass. When hard his cock was a nice 7 incher and felt real good. He was hard and fast. When he was ready to cum he pulled out and forced it in my mouth and came down my throat. After licking it clean he asked if I was still thirsty. I got into the shower and he placed his limp cock in my mouth.

Before he could let go we heard another knock at the door. He opened the door and there were 2 guys there. He invited them in and told them his pig was thirsty. He then placed his cock back in my mouth and I sucked it… He then forced piss into my mouth and when my mouth was full I swallowed it… He started to piss hard and he overflowed my mouth. I tried to drink it all but could not and I wore a lot of it. The other 2 guys watched and started to jerk off. Then came another knock and it was another guy. He came in and was watching. He was black and very big, around 6’5″ and 250. He saw me drinking the piss and pulled out his cock. Next thing I knew he was pissing into my mouth too.

It was too much as I drank and wore the piss from these 2 guys. When they stopped the black guy roughly fucked my face as his cock got hard. It grew and was a thick 8 inches. He then had me lay on my back on the bed and force fed me his cock. As he did this on of the other guys came over and before I knew it he was fucking my ass. His cock was a nice 6 incher, average, but with the thick fucker in my throat I knew it was the relief I would need. Then he started to fuck fast and hard and thrust deep and came in my ass.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Getting My Fill

He pulled out and the black guy put my legs over as far as he could and started to fuck my ass. He was rough and just jammed it home. As he did so the other guy came over. He was Hispanic and he smelled of beer too, even more then the first guy. He had his cock out for awhile and was stroking it but it stayed limp – but it was at least 8 inches limp, but not as thick as the black guy. He was really pounding me now.. in and out… I urged him to cum and he laughed, saying he could fuck for hours! I groaned cause my ass was starting to get raw and I knew he was in charge.

As I sucked the Spanish guy he swelled and squirted. I thought he came but realized he was pissing. Squirts down my throat… I started to swallow then he would stop and I sucked more… then some more squirts… I must have swallowed for a good 20 minutes on and off, then the black guy finally shoved hard and came in my ass…. He pulled out and the first guy took his place and started to fuck me again, telling me what a pig I was and to suck the guy off… The Spanish guy’s cock finally started getting hard and boy did it grow.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Getting My Fill

Not the thickest, but it had to finish around 10 inches! He finally said it was time for pussy and he went and fucked me as I started to suck the first guy again. In about 15 minutes he said it was time to cum. They had me get in the shower again and the first guy and the Spanish guy jerked off and shot in my face and mouth. Then I went in the corner on my knees and all of them took turns pissing in my mouth…. Finally they were done and I was exhausted… They left and I laid in the shower, turning it on and letting it run to clean me off… Was such a great day…

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  1. It’s always horny have sex with unknown men and group like in that story. I have done same kind of thing, but put first my ads on net and give my cellphone number and e-mail.Then when I’ll know room number ( and maybe nowadays doorlock code ) I’ll give facts and timing.

  2. The perfect bottom. Would love to show up an hour later and dive straight into that nasty sloppy used and abused hole.

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