CUMSLOPPY STORY || When I Got Pozzed – Part 2

He slid inside and it hurt a bit. Did I mention his dick was pretty big? He slid in until he was about 7″ in. I’ve always had a problem with taking it deep. He didn’t mind, though. He worked my hole slowly at first. Then a quick flurry of quick, hard strokes. He went back to slow strokes. He pressed against that barrier and I don’t know if he just knew how to navigate an ass, or whether I was just so turned on that I opened up, but suddenly I felt this little pop inside and his dick slid in to the balls. This was the first time I’d had a man this deep, and the gasp I let out must’ve sucked up half the air in the room.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || When I Got Pozzed - Part 2

He started long, slow strokes, almost pulling out, and then going back in to the balls. His dick so far up inside me felt insanely good. I pulled him down and whispered, “Fuck me” in his ear. I didn’t have to ask twice. He picked up the pace, more and more. His dick was grinding my sweet spot at a furious pace.

He didn’t last long. His breathing got really erratic. He shoved in full and just held there. He got this glazed look in his eyes, like he was 1000 miles away. Maybe he was on another plane of existence, cumming in his departed lover. That was OK with me. Looking back, it’s kind of hot to think that maybe he was making love to someone on the other side, through me.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || When I Got Pozzed - Part 2

Then I felt the cum explode from his dick. With every spurt, his cock twitched inside me. I was hard and my cock was dripping. Knowing I was being pozzed was an incredible turn-on. When the last of his cum was deep inside, he started thrusting again, and he started stroking my dick in time. It took maybe a dozen strokes before I pitched my head back and screamed. The first jet hit me in the face. The second actually hit the headboard. I’d never had an orgasm like it. I was curling upward like I was doing a crunch.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || When I Got Pozzed - Part 2

He laid on top of me until his cock softened and slid out. There wasn’t much cum leaking. even though it was a huge load, he had shot it very deep. We stayed overnight there and Tim fucked me twice more before we went home. This started a relationship that lasted almost two years.

About four months after that first fuck, my test came back poz. I’ve always believed it was that very first night that did it. This happened about 10 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Just the thought of that night makes me hard to this day.

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  2. While I love barebacking, I find it very strange that some people actually Want to be pozzed. I find it even stranger that they look back fondly on the time it happened.

  3. As somebody who lives with HIV, I personally find this pretty abhorrent. Why somebody would get turned on reminiscing fondly and erotically about catching the bug is absolutely beyond me… What the fuck is with gay guys intentionally trying to catch HIV? Yes, it’s manageable and livable, but it’s still nothing to take lightly.

    I get that this is TIM and a lot of the guys who model for and are into the site are poz, but still… this story is a prime example of the community having the wrong mentality towards this disease.

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