03-21-13 TIMFuck Exclusive Scene || DJ & ANTONIO BIAGGI



Ever since DJ became a TIM Exclusive last year, people have been asking over and over when they were going to get to see him fuck. When Antonio Biaggi met DJ for their scene in Milk It, he took one look at DJ, pulled Max aside, and said, “I get to fuck him, right?” Sorry Antonio, DJ is a top. “So I get to fuck him, right?”


Antonio wasn’t taking a “no,” so Max said he’d see what he could do. When he asked if DJ would be up to it, at first DJ thought he was joking: “Have you seen the size of Biaggi’s dick?” Ultimately DJ agreed, and this scene is what happened next. Let’s just say that when all was said and done, Antonio announced that DJ was the best bottom he had ever fucked. DIRECTOR: MAX SOHL Now, ONLY at TIMFuck.com


  1. its hot the video but i think this company like others promoting bareback to thats why ppl think hiv its only for gay ppl im not afraid to see it but i think u should not promoting the kind of scens …. cuz some porno working as escorts and maybe some a cliet ask for a bareback thing and they refuse to do it ….. i think pp doing this are sick and crazy just for to do it for some money …..but i think that is the value of they life …..file close …..

  2. I seriously doubt Antonio proclaimed DJ to be the best bottom he’s ever fucked. Matter of fact, I seriously doubt everything claimed in the write-up.

  3. Hot, hot, hot video! Though way too short. Would love to have seen an extended scene with Antonio working over DJ’s hole and cock and DJ swallowing Antonio’s cock before getting impaled. Woof.
    And I’m wondering what the time frame was between their Milk-It scene and Antonio fucking DJ? Love that scene too… “please sir, please sir, please sir?” Fuck!

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