Tonight I was chatting to a hopeful slave type who I had met once before. When we met last time we played for hours through the night, but I refused to fuck him as I sometimes like to make a slave wait…until they are begging to be bred. He had left at dawn and I had no contact with him after…well no replies anyway, so I promptly forgot about him. Tonight he was keen to be bent over and plowed, I was in the mood for some outdoor fun so offered to pick him up straight away. We arranged it…he wanted to play safe, which I didn’t care about, I just needed to empty my balls into a willing tight cunt.

Got to his street less than 10 minutes later to find the house number didn’t actually exist. Sent him txt’s – no response. Logged into the site we had been chatting on, saw that he was online, sent him a message and he went offline soon after. I wasn’t going to lose anymore time to this time waster. So I drove to the other end of the street and logged into a few apps on my phone. Within seconds a hot looking 18 year old messaged me and wanted to play. He admitted he had tried very little, but was keen…just a little shy. It would only be another 10 minute drive from where I was, so great. Picked him up in a KFC carpark and we drove to a park not too far away. Parked on the road outside (parks in Australia tend to have their access gate locked at night to prevent the sort of behaviour we are all familiar with)…and walked in. Headed for a fenced off playground area where I knew there was going to be at least something I could bend his hot body over to access his tight little cunt.


I ripped his pants down to find a very leaky cock. Not too long, not too thick…and screaming to be sucked. So I sucked him for a while and then dropped my jeans and offered my meat. He quickly went down on it…he had done this part before at least. I then told him to lay on a picnic table, sucked his cock a little more, licked his balls and then started licking and eating his tight hole out. It was so yummy ! Tight but not too tight – he obviously played with his hole at times and it was clean. After a while he went back to sucking me and then I told him to lay down again, and once he was in the right position, I went went back to work on his cock…only to have him lift his arse up for me to give some more attention to. I asked if he liked it and he confirmed it so I went back to work on his hole for a while longer. After that my cock was pre-cumming a little so I rested my cock on his hole. He started to put it in…no problem with me!

CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Run AroundI very slowly went deeper and then let him rest with it half way in. My cock is 7″ and uncut but is thicker than average so I wanted him to at least get used to it a little and not take things too fast. It wasn’t too long and he obviously wanted more so I gave him a bit more and waited a bit before starting to fuck him with short strokes and then going deeper. He loved it.

His hole was so tight, I was caught between fucking him for as long as possible and breeding him. He never discussed the topic of status. In the end I started cumming and continued fucking him for as long as possible…with him on his back and his legs over my shoulders. He did not look into my eyes like a cum slut often does…he was in his own world enjoying the moment. He knew I was lubing his hole with my cum and it got easier to fuck him. He then wanted to change positions so I could fuck him more forcefully but I was just starting to lose my erection. I had to pull out to change into the position he wanted and couldn’t go in properly with my softening cock. I tend to cum big loads and can’t get hard again for 20-40 minutes after my first load normally. I sucked him off and he asked where I wanted his load. I just moaned with his cock in my mouth and he cum buckets loads. I continued to suck him till he went soft…very gently.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Run AroundWe both dressed and headed back to the car. I drove back to where I had picked him up from and gave him a leather collar with “SLAVE” on it. I told him to keep it and wear it when he jerks his cock.

Wonder how long I have to wait before he contacts me to meet up again…I have been wanting a slave for some time…one that needs his hole bred on a very regular basis. I think I will tie him to my bed next time…but the weather is just so good for a bit of fun in the great outdoors at the moment.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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