Through The Lens of PonyTIM || Meeting Jay Davis

I was having a smoke in front of the office one day when a guy walked up, gave me a big grin and introduced himself. “Howdy! I’m Jay.”  I replied with a smile “I’m Pony.”  

It turned out he was coming in to talk with Paul.  He asked what I did at TIM and I told him that among other things, I did photography. I was going to leave it at that, but he was friendly and receptive.  So I asked him, “Want me to photograph you?” His response was an enthusiastic  “Sure!”.

We both laughed and agreed that I’d take some shots of him after his talk with Paul.


We didn’t talk about whether the shots would be nude or not.  But Jay was completely relaxed so I took some shirtless shots and then said “Ok, wanna show me your dick?” I felt like I was hanging out with a dirty little boy.


I caught him looking down at my shoes. “Wanna sniff ‘em?” I asked. He grinned and said “Fuck yeah!” I snapped a few shots of him huffing deep on my Converse sneakers.

I was getting a little too interested in the kid to focus on photography.  To keep myself from jumping Jay, I called Brett in to help out with a few pictures.


I snapped a few more shots of Jay before I called it a wrap. Brett took off,  and that was when Jay asked me if I like to eat ass.

I am a lucky man –


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  1. Fuck…..Pony you are one lucky man. So many hot men walking through. and you get the opportunity to be there watching each and every one. It must be so fuckin awesome to work for TIM……LUCKY.

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