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drewHere it is: the down-n-dirty recounting of my sexcapades since I first watched my neighborhood friend’s older brother jacking off to a girlie magazine. If you didn’t already know that I’m a horned up, sexually charged, down-for-anything man-whore, you will soon see why I’m proud of the life I lead.

I’ll start things off with a recent story. Last night, my friend and I had a guest over. The plan was to take turns flip-fucking each other and spreading seed between the three of us. We’d all saved up our loads for a full day before the scheduled fuck fest.

Before the guy got there, I was so horny I couldn’t keep my dick in my pants. And my friend’s cock was rock hard. He was wearing a ball stretcher, which made him even more turned on than he already was just from thinking about our 3-way. I walked into the room and dropped my jeans. They didn’t even hit the floor before my dick was in his mouth. He was sucking and slurping and I was sure I was going to get too close, so I made him stop. I pulled his pants down and starting sucking on his cock. He moaned and lifted his legs in the air, as if to say, “Eat Me!” So I did. I munched on the nice bubble ass for a good 10 minutes. It was tight and ready for a good pounding. After he got to moaning a little too much, I made him stop and pull his pants up. We didn’t want to get too worked up before the event!


The phone rang; it was our friend. We let him in and started making out right away. Funny things happen when you get 3 guys together who all want to kiss each other: one gets in the middle and does the turn around to give the other guy equal tongue-time. Then there’s the 3-way kiss. All of our tongues slurping each other at once. Mmmmm…

I dropped down and slurped on two hard cocks and heard the guys kissing over me. My buddy’s cock was thick and had an upward curve. His is just naturally curved up. I love it! Our new friend had a very straight and long cock. Uncut. Dripping with precum. I love precum! I love cock!

With a swift tug and push, I was on the bed with a face buried in my ass. I could tell right away what was gonna happen. I’m the horny top! I should have been eating HIS ass! I didn’t care, I’d get my cock in an ass soon. Besides, the guy was talented at eating ass. While he was eating my ass, I was sucking on my buddy’s cock. So hot! We were all totally into it.

Next thing I knew, I heard the sound of spit and the feeling of a cock driving its way into my ass. It was a beautiful cock. My dick was throbbing. My mouth was wrapped around my buddy’s cock and they were kissing over me. He fucked my ass deep and hard. It slid in so perfectly. He was moaning like he was gonna cum at any minute. I hoped he would. But I also wanted it to last! After he pounded my ass for a few minutes, he stopped and let his cock hang out in my ass. I really liked that! Then he started again. Bam bam bam! My buddy went behind him and started to lick on his ass, but he said he just wanted to fuck tonight. Dat’s cool!


I wanted my buddy to feel this great cock in his ass, so I tapped out and let him have a turn. Before I got out of the way, he was on his knees, ready to take that raw meat (good boy!). He was now the middle and I stuck my dick in HIS mouth. The dude dropped and started eating my buddy’s ass. He was a freaking animal! Munch, munch, munch! It looked so good. This guy obviously likes eating ass. He gave a good spit and stood up so he could slide his meat in. He could tell he was about to squeeze his big meat into a really tight ass, so he went slow. Real slow…

After he got my buddy used to it, he started pumping. In and out. Getting a little more aggressive as he went until finally he was pounding him so hard. He did the same thing as before–fucked a while and stopped with his dick snug in that tight ass. Then he went at it again. I really wanted to get in on the fucking.

I moved around to signal that it was my turn to fuck, since the guy opened my friend up for my massive cock. There’s always that joke, “I’m gonna NEED poppers for Drew’s cock!” I love it! With a sniff of the poppers, he was ready to take my cock. I started to slide in. I spread him wider and went deeper, cuz that’s what I do. I got him used to me and then I started to pound his ass. Our new friend slid his cock into my ass, which made me even harder. I was throbbing and my buddy could tell how much it’s turning me on to be in his ass while this hot guy had his hot cock in my hole. I lay on top and let the guy in back do the work for a minute. He went to pounding and caused a chain reaction. He was pounding me and I was being thrust deeper into the guy on the bottom. Before long I was ready to bust a nut and he was ready take my nut. I started doing the work, pulling the guy in back closer to me and thrusting back and forth between the two until, Blam!, I shot a HUGE load into my buddy’s ass. I moved out of the way and our new friend plowed his cock in there and blew his load. He had two loads in his his ass and wanted to shoot. He flipped over and let the guy keep fucking him until he shots his load. I’d never seen him shoot so much. He must’ve been really turned on.


He turned over and got on his knees for us to eat the loads out of his ass. Unfortunately–or fortunately, depending on how you look at it–the loads were so far up in there that all we could get was the stuff on his hole. That hot jizz tasted so good, I wanted more!

It didn’t stop there. The guest was still hard. Plus, he promised he could shoot 2 loads. I wanted some in my ass, so I let him slide back in and he went to town. It wasn’t long before I felt him pounding me harder and faster than he did before. He was gonna cum and I was getting it! He blew his load and lay on top of me. But he didn’t pull out. He stayed in there. And I could tell that he was STILL HARD! Well, my imagination was running wild! Was he gonna cum again? He started pumping and pumping and he blew a third load! By that time, my buddy and I both had 2 loads in our asses! What a great night!

We said our goodbyes and our new friend promised to come back for another play date. Maybe after he reads this, he’ll want to be in the next story. He says he gets even nastier.


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