I was cruising the baths, just checking out who was there. I spotted this black guy who looked hot standing in the doorway to his room. The next time I went by, he stepped back inside. Not knowing if that was because he wanted me to follow, I stopped. He was standing there rubbing the front of his towel. Nice! The kid was hot–handsome, nicely defined upper bod, and hair buzzed real short. I love how that feels, and I definitely wanted to see what he was packing under the towel.

I steped into his room and felt what was under the towel. Nice long thick uncut hard bone snaking down his thigh. Tasty. I asked if I could go down on him, and he just said, “shut the door.” Then he slowly peeled off the towel and sat back on the bed, legs open wide and hanging over the edge. “Go for it, man” is all he had to say. God, I love black meat and how it tastes and smells. I was working him the best I knew how, hoping he’d pump me a load.


After getting him rock hard and nuzzling his balls, he reached behind me and put his hand on my ass. “you’re good,” he said, but this is what I want.” he slid off the bed and started working my hole with his tongue. I was so horned up at the thought of a black jock dude fucking me that I just relaxed and let him munch.

He stood up and put the tip of his cock at my crack and pushed in gently. He just slid in, no mention of a condom. He started to push deeper and it hurt, but I didn’t want to lose him. I could barely take it, and he just kept telling me to relax, it would be ok. Fuck, he was so handsome, and having this stud drilling me was amazing. Seeing his jacked black bod against my white skin turned me on big time.


In one smooth move like a wrestler, he got me on my back without ever pulling out. All of a sudden, I was on my back with his arms holding my kegs apart and over his thick shoulders. At that point I knew I was gonna get bred, and he said he was into “taking tight white boys who think they like black cock.” Fuck. He was taking long slow strokes, pulling all the way out and punching back into my wet hole. His cock was like a heat-seeking missile–perfect aim like it knew where it belonged each time.

It was getting painful for me, but he told me to be quiet. I asked if he was gonna breed me, and he just smiled, adding “like you got a choice.” he was fucking me deep and hard, and I could feel the sweat on him. Then he went deep and froze. He didn’t grunt or moan, he just froze and I knew he was shooting deep. You could see it in his eyes that were drilling me like his beautiful long cock.


Slowly he pulled out and let my legs unfold. He was picking up my towel and I knew it was because he’d drained his balls deep in my ass, which no longer felt tight. In fact, it felt ridiculously loose! He just patted my ass and said thanks, “I needed that, and so did you.”

I didn’t shower and went home knowing I had a full load of hot cum onside me. He was the one I wanted, and even though I thought I was there to suck some hot cocks, I loved knowing that this ripped black stud had just seeded my ass big time. Kinda made my week!

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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