Chronicles of a London CumPig || Bus Crushes Part 2

Hey, sexy fuckers!

On my way back home the other day, I ended up on the same bus as that sexy Arab guy from last week’s post. He was as handsome as I remembered. I noticed he was wearing a blue rucksack with a broken strap over one shoulder this time and his neck was slightly red, sunburnt; I imagine he’d been in a T-shirt in the park over the weekend, as the sun had been out.

I followed him off the bus when he left at the same stop as me. Walking a few metres behind him, I got to study his movements in detail. He had a rather stiff, almost angry and macho way of walking: his upper body leaned forward a bit, so when he looked around the corner to spot cars driving past, it gave his body an aggressive, what-the-fuck-you-lookin’-at type of attitude.


It reminded me of when I lived in France and often would get into trouble staring at the sexy Arab boys. The French guys would simply look away and ignore me if they weren’t gay (only the gay ones looked back), but with the Arab boys it was different. They would meet my stare and after a while ask, “Qu’est que tu regarde?” I would ramble out some excuse that I thought they were the brother of a friend of mine or something like that, just to avoid getting into a fight.

This week has been a good one so far, had a nice weekend in the garden with some friends, went to a car-boot sale, bought some crap things that I have to throw away before Dino gets back from LA, hehe.


Apart from that I had two horny toilet fucks in the office and had a hot Irish lad over for a little wank session, watching porn together (ended up fucking him a bit too, although we hadn’t meant to do that, lol). I also had a horny young lad over and fucked him a few times on the sofa while he was watching straight porn. I uploaded a little video of it to my blog, but unfortunately it was removed. Why doesn’t Big Brother stop watching and instead join in the action? It would be more fun that way, don’t you think? Hehe.

Anyhow, I’m off to do a measured survey now of a section of a museum, then I have a dentist checkup, and this evening I’m editing the music video again.

Hugs and fuck well.



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