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Sometimes, hot fun comes when you least expect it. I was just in Miami for the Winter Party. Ok, Ok… I know what you’re saying. There were thousands of gay people in town for that party. True. This one particular day, I went for a few mile run down the boardwalk along the beach and was heading back to the hotel, when I passed by this fucking hot papi with a beautiful body! He was on rollerblades and looking all kinds of fine! 

 I really didn’t have time to do anything, because I had plans to go have lunch with my friend, but I thought I would feel out the 90048920situation. You know, just in case we could meet up, later. 

 It was clear that we had an attraction. I was attracted to him, because he was beefy and sexy… He probably saw me running his way, with all my junk bouncing around like it does and he was curious to see what was inside my running shorts. 

I turned to follow the path towards the main road and could feel him rollerblading behind me. Glancing over my shoulder to make sure he was coming, I slowed down at the end of that stretch of boardwalk. He came up behind me and I turned to ask him what he was up to. He said he was killing time before the pool party that afternoon. He wanted me to come to his hotel and chill, but I didn’t have time. He was very persuasive, saying his hotel is right across the street, which it was, and that I should just come up for 5 minutes. I knew I shouldn’t… My travel buddy was back in the room waiting for me to return so that we could go eat. This was the first of potentially many men to get with this weekend, but I just couldn’t pass up seeing that hot body naked. I kind of wanted him to keep the rollerblades on.  


We get up to his room and start to make out. I take my clothes off and he takes his clothes off. His sweaty body was very muscular and smooth. His ass… well, his ass was spectacular. I had a raging boner the size of Kansas for him. I couldn’t keep him off my cock. He was sucking and licking. I was rubbing my hands on his shoulders and down his back to his awesome ass. Then, he politely grabs a condom. I politely ignored it, spitting on my cock and sliding it in.


He pushed back on me, letting me know that he was greedy for my raw cock. His ass felt so good wrapped around my dick. I couldn’t wait to shoot a load deep inside him. I could tell that he was ready for my cum. I was so horny, I couldn’t last much longer. I started to pump faster, then, I thrust deep into his hole and blew an enormous load deep inside. He pulled my hips to him, as if to say, “I want every drop!” He definitely drained my nut sack! 


After I pulled out, he grabbed my cock and started to clean it off with his tongue. He squeezed the last drop from my shaft and licked it. I got his number. When we’re in the same city, we will have a repeat. And next time, I won’t have plans to go do something lame like eat lunch with a friend. Meh. 


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