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Hey, horny men and wanking teenagers (hehe).

This week has been a total emotional roller coaster. First my husband returned from 3 months in the US, so I was cleaning the flat on all fours (our lovely cleaner is away in Romania for a while, blush). Then I bought some nice purple flowers for Dino’s desk. He texted me to say how nice it was to be home but by the time I got back home after work, he had passed out from jet-lag and exhaustion—typical, haha.

The morning after, I had to get up early as we were moving the TIM London office to our new awesome location, so I only got a quick hug from the master before I was off to carry boxes, hehe. It was a fun day with lots of heavy lifting, as Liam was “uploading” the van at the old flat and I was “unloading” it at the new one. It’s going to be a really cool office space; lots of creative horny fun to cum out of this room, I can feel it!

On Sunday I babysat little ten year old Ty, the adorable son of my single-dad good friend. We tagged along when Dino went into town, and walked around SoHo after popping in to Primark to get Ty some new shoes and a jumper, playing gay dads. It was a truly magical day. Dino carried Ty “piggy-back”, lol. Then we had a hot chocolate at a coffee shop and a cute gay boy took photos of us.

(The same boy later texted me on Hornet, the new Grindr app, saying he thought we were the “perfect gay family.” I told him far from it, lol, explaining that I was poz, the boy was not ours, and that the hubby and I both did porn, but that life was still good, haha. He said it had made him sad and feeling lonely when he saw us. He’s never had a boyfriend–he’s 25 I think–as all the guys he meets are just looking for fast sex and no commitments. Which is probably true; friendship is the gay person’s new family/relationship. So all is not always as it seems, haha.)

Anyhow, the day after that Dean went traveling again, so I got sad. This time he’s going to Ireland and Abu Dabi, so I watched some even sadder documentaries about young orphan children (some as young as 6-7) living on the streets of Moscow, at a train station, sniffing glue and trying to survive by stealing and begging. It made me so sad, and so ashamed of my little day to day worries about minor things. I feel I don’t do enough to help and I really want to. Physically as well, not just giving money, but building proper orphanages, or clinics for them to get checked up at, or schools or playgrounds or anything; sometimes one feels so helpless… I’ve been thinking I should make a documentary, maybe about the homeless children in Greece, as I hear  the situation is getting desperate over there too, so sad.

From total sadness of thought and emotion, today I ended up photographing and filming a cousin to the British princes, a real Lady, at her Picadilly residence. It was a small job for a Swedish Royal magazine a friend runs in Stockholm. This lady was so lovely and polite and charming. She was 85, and had met Gandhi and so many interesting characters in her life. A truly remarkable, strong woman.

Back home I was lying on my bed, reflecting on life in general, when of course I got a hard on (why oh why, lol).

So i invited a horny local lad over and we fucked for a few hours before he had to go and see his girlfriend. Oh bless him.

Anyhow, here is the new music video MONSTERS by Danish DJ and artist Rosa Lux, for which I was the producer and assistant editor. It will be premiering in Berlin’s cool club Berghain on the 30th of May. Let me know what you think?

Hope you have a good week. See you soon!



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