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He was extremely tall, around 6’5″ or more.  On the surface he was polite, well-behaved. But there was most definitely a dark intensity below the surface.

He did all the tattoos himself.  He said he used his own body for his training.  Now he tattoos professionally.

He’s covered his own cock with tattoos.  He said this was the most painful experience of his life so far.


Even though he said he’s “100 per cent straight”, he said he wouldn’t have any problem with tattooing other mens’ cocks.  And he had no problem showing off his own cock tattoos for me.

There are two skulls tattooed on his cock.  Here’s one of them.There was a genteel elegance to his lankiness.  Watching him move was beautiful.  The chair seemed almost dwarfed by his incredibly long limbs.


On his chest he’s tattooed “Est. 1988”, the year he was born.  This snapshot was taken near the end of the shoot.  He was getting tired but patiently took each pose I requested as I methodically went through an inventory of my personal fetishes.

The last shot of the day.  I’d just taken a few dozen close-ups of his enormous feet.  He was clearly amused by my fascination.  And I was delighted with his amusement.



  1. the bomb cock ink cock tatts about damn time guys start inking up their cocks

  2. If anyone knows of a tattoo artist that could ink my mantool in Miami…. Let me know!

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