PAUL’S PHOTOS || Mechanic

He specializes in diesel engines. His temperament was like pure sunshine.

I’m usually not one for many props. I love the purity of the male nude. But after the emotional fiasco of the last shoot—with trophy boy—I felt a need for levity. So Trevor and I bought some balloons for this shoot. The mechanic loved them.


He loved the attention we gave him.  He loved being looked at, studied and enjoyed.  At one point he said “What was I afraid of? Why did I wait so long to do this?”

I said “What if you were one of the balloons, if you were filled with helium?”  He lifted his arms up high and stretched.  He was grinning.


I had him sit down.  I pointed the camera down, taking lots of snapshots of his legs.  After a long while I lifted the camera up and took this.  He was calm, self-contained; he seemed content and happy.  A world of difference, I thought, from the last man.

As with the last shoot, I centered the last shots on his beautiful genitals. I said “It’s the center of the world.” He smiled and definitely understood what I meant.

When the shoot was over, he gave me a hug. We were both sorry to be finished so soon.


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