Chronicles of a London CumPig || Hustlaball The Aftermath


Hey, horny boys and men.

This week has been a good week, very busy and horny, hehe. It was the Hustlaball and Pride weekend, so lots of new meat in town to bite into. I met a really hot sexy Swiss guy (I think he was, lol, *blush*) whom I’d chatted with last year when I was in Prague. I got him a casting session with Liam Cole, so you might soon see his hot ass on screen. So horny, I fucked him 3 times in a couple of hours at the flat, hehe.

I attended the weirdly organised and strange awards ceremony with Dino, the night before the Hustlaball. So odd, with all these steroid bodies, too full of themselves to see anything else around them, and all the short little old men with cameras posing and taking pics with them. Made me kinda sad about the porn industry, in a way. Luckily Liam turned up and we had a nice chat.

At the Pride parade I was babysitting my gay friend’s ten year old son, carrying him on my shoulders outside the Apple Store so he could see the parade and all the strange costumes. He liked it but got a bit bored after a while so we went inside the store to play computer games, hehe—more fun. Club Penguin rocks!

After spending the afternoon in the park with my lesbian friends, I went home and slept for a bit before the hubby dressed me up and we ventured into the night to pick up a drag queen in SoHo. The traffic was appalling and we were late at the club in Brixton. The VIP area was very small, I thought. I quickly familiarised myself with the darkroom, where I met two Belgium boys. I fucked one of them safe, as they were both neg, and sucked them both off, tasting the younger boy’s cum all over my face, hehe, nice.

After getting a drink and watching the boys posing with the hubby, I ventured upstairs again. This time I met a hot Hungarian boy I’d chatted with a bit earlier in the smoking area. He had a nice, rock-hard cock. We took turns blowing each other till he came all over my mouth and arm. I felt like a proper dirty pig, loving it.


I was kinda bored by this time, though. I didn’t really enjoy the shows that much, live sex on stage is always a little off-putting, I think, not sure why. And all of it was just a bit too happy camp and fake for my liking.

So I went up one more time to the darkroom, where I met a hot, firm-bodied, blind French boy in little white swimwear. He started sucking me and with skillful mouth he put a condom on me and started riding me. I didn’t mind the condom at all, strangely; he was so hot and so good at it. I fucked him probably for 30 minutes on and off, until I pulled off the 3rd rubber and shot my load over his six-pack and rubbed it in and kissed his sweaty body. There were several people watching us in the darkroom.

So, overall, a fun time still.

But two days ago I met a REALLY special boy. I’m meeting him today too–a young French lad. We’ll see how the second date goes… Wish me luck

I’ll be writing from Kefalonia next week. That’s Greece, hehe.

Till next.




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