Travelers frequently treat Lima, located on a coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean, as a layover on their way to the Andes or Iquitos, the Peruvian jungle where visitors are greeted with open arms. For gay visitors the incentive to pass it over was even greater: For years Lima was beset by crime, sometimes brutal anti-gay discrimination and antiquated notions of homosexuality.

All that, however, is starting to change, if at a somewhat slower pace than the other large Latin America cities– Mexico City, São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, all of which in varying degrees have experienced queer awakening of sorts. The city recently enjoyed it’s first gay pride event, and activists are plotting change. 

Lima is a fascinating, diverse city of nearly 10 million. The cuisine, which mixes and matches everything from Chinese to German food, is renowned, and much copied (usually poorly) from San Francisco to Prague. If you have a good notion where to stay and go out, it is worth an extended visit.

Gay nightlife, a cluster of bars, clubs and sex clubs, is based in the distrito de Linces, which can be dangerous at night. You are strongly advised to cab it there and back to a friendly neighborhood hotel in a village such as Miraflores. Peruvian gay men, though they can be somewhat closed (for good reason), are extremely friendly, and eager to show visitors around town. A private tour guide will certainly tend to enhance your experience in the city of kings.

Baños Turcos 240 – Most popular sauna in unsafe part of the city

Open daily. Exclusively gay. There is a Finnish room, two Turkish rooms, bar, TV room, and upstairs there is a porno video room, dark room, 9 private cabins and male masseurs. Mostly Military and Bouncer Types.

Studio 5 Club – Unashamed sex video club 

Sex Video Club. At Studio 5, the sex is right out in the open.

Oupen Sauna – Clean and well maintained bathhouse

Modern and exclusively gay. There are two Finnish rooms, two Turkish rooms, male masseur, pedicure, manicure, gymnasium, cafeteria and bar, porno video room and about 12 private cabins. It is very clean and well-maintained, the furnishings and decor are pleasant, and the staff are friendly and helpful.

Video Palace – Discrete sex club

The place is a discreet family house that doesn’t have any indication, and if you pass by, you will see a man next to the door. He is the doorman and will let you in and accompany you to the counter. It is a private house where the ground floor is a lounge, Bar and darkroom. The rooms in the upper level can be booked for privacy. All types of guys, but predominantly married, bisexual or closeted.

Ozono Sauna – Big gay sauna

Newly opened gay sauna in Miraflores/San Isidro. Serving local clientele. Not very crowded.

Mylanos Club – Inside tip sex club

Don’t get surprised if it looks like a house. It is a private one. You have to ring the bell and the owner will let you in. The rooms are darkened: one has a bed and the other one is a video room. It’s an insider tip. Lots of young guys.


If we missed anything be sure to bring it up in the comments section below. As well as recommendations for the next city we dive deep into. 

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