CUMSLOPPY STORY || At Their Service

I was down by the Mississippi river in Minneapolis, around here they called it bare-ass beach. It was a hot humid night. I just got off of work, a country club near the beach. I decided to head down the iron clad stairs in the dark. I stopped at the bottom to have my eyes adjust to the dark. I changed clothes before leaving the club too. I’m wearing a black tank-top with black spandex shorts with nothing underneath.

I walked around the top section of this bath house in the woods. NO one interested me. I went further down to the bottom level. It closer to the river and more hidden spots to do your thing. I noticed men within the trees. I felt hands rubbing my ass, most was excited by my spandex. I stopped by some trees and waited. Some older men stopped by to take a look. I was not interested in them. They went by.

A 40ish man stopped in front take a better look. He played with my cock thru the spandex. I was getting hard. He was interested. I went down to suck is cock. It was a 7 inches, cut and beautiful. I started to suck, he started to sigh and moan. He was loving it. I felt some hand playing with my spandex clad ass. I wiggled my ass in hoping he would play with it more.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || At Their Service

The one playing with my ass leaned over to whisper in my ear. He said, “I want to fuck it.”

I offered him my ass. He pulled down my shorts, and started to play with my hole. He spit on my hole and lube his cock. He entered very slowly. I was busy sucking the cock before me to noticed that there were 5 to 7 guys watching, some with their cocks out. The stud fucking me stop when he was fully in side me. He fucked very slowly at first. His cock was around 6 inches, I think.

He kept on saying; “What a hot ass, what a hot ass.” He started to pick up speed. The guy in front was picking up sped too. The guys all around were jerk their cocks faster now. The stud fucking could hold off much longer. In and out, in and out he went. I squeesed my ass. He yelled, “stop it or I’ll cum!”

I stopped, he kept on going. He started to swing his hips. I was moaning with a cock in my mouth. He stopped fucking and screamed, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!!!” He leaned over, I felt his sweaty body on me. He bit my ear. He stopped altogether. sighing and breathing hard, loading me up. He pulled his pants up and while he left he fingered my loose hole. He said, “Now that was one tight ass.” He walked away. I was still working on the cock with my mouth.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || At Their Service

One minute later, another took the fucker’s place. This cock was small but think. He started out fast and last only about 2 minutes. He stopped and pulled out. He said, “Yep, it was hot.” The guy I was sucking was close. He yelled, “yes!!!” I swallowed his juice. Loved it, a bit salty. He left calling me a “whore.” There were 5 guys watching this playing with their hard cocks. I rested on a fallen tree stump.

They were waiting to see what I would do. I turned around the stump to offer my used hole. One step up, a young 20ish stud with a buzz cut. He plowed my hole. I screamed he was at least 8 inches. I bagged for more. He delivered. He pounded my hole for over 10 minutes. In and out, in and out. Pounding and pounding. Sweat was dripping from him onto my ass and back. The guys watching were cheering us on. After about 12 minutes he moaned and said, “fuck yeah.” “He has a great ass, made for dick.” He pulled out and pulled me up to kiss me. While, doing so he whispered, “I came in you twice.” He walked away. i was tired and was going to leave.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || At Their Service

I was stopped from pulling up my spandex shorts by a man with his dick out, a fat 7 incher. He pushed my over the stump and started to eat my ass. “Yum.” he said. He ate for about 2 minutes getting a good amount of ass juice and cum. And then pushed his cock in me. We fucked for about 5 minutes. “Take it, take it” was all I heard. Was it him or the audience. Either way I loved it. It was getting late after this fuck. His cock filled me good. I felt it dripping out. People were leaving, so I thought I better too. It was 12:00am. It was about 2 full hours of fucking and sucking.

While taking the stairs up to the top, cum was dripping thru the thin fabric.

Courtesy of Breedingzone.

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