CUMSLOPPY STORY || Breeding The Cocky Jock

My trip to Fort Lauderdale was going great. Within minutes of signing into Adam4adam I got a neverending stream of hits. I’m 29, 6ft tall, 180 lbs and have a great body from killing myself at the gym regularly. Blond hair, blue eyes, an 8 ½ inch dick and a perky muscle butt complete the package. Besides that, I give off a friendly Midwestern vibe that disarms guys and makes them think I’m sweet and wholesome. I’m really versatile and love flipping raw and swapping cum. But I list “vers top” because I definitely end up topping 90% of the time.

I was turned on when a 31 yo 6’4 hot blond muscle guy hit me up. I’ll call him “Mike.” His profile said Neg & Safe Sex Only, so I wasn’t going to get my hopes up. He didn’t have a face pic, but we went on skype to check each other out. He was really straight acting and all “dude” this or “bro” that. His profile listed vers Bottom, but it was clear he was 100% bottom….I told him I was a top and really aggressive wild and kinky. I made him show me his muscle ass and told him it would look hotter if my cum was dripping out of it. He was clearly excited that I was so brazen to suggest that, and very turned on. I went on a little bit, showing him my huge swollen dick oozing with precum and telling him how it was going to lube up his bare ass. He got all serious for a second and was like “Dude, you’re clean n stuff right?” and I thought for a millisecond (ummm yeah, I just showered an hour ago…yup. Clean) and told him “Of course I’m clean man. Are you?” And almost offended he was like, “Fuck yeah bro….gotta be careful n shit, but raw is fuckin wild! I just started doing stuff with guys a year ago so I ain’t got anything” He wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but he sure was pretty. This was going to be fun.

Muscle bottom had to work so I agreed to meet him out with his friends for drinks later that night. By the time I got there, he had a big buzz going on and was really touchy and friendly. He guided my hands right down his jeans so I could play with his sweaty crack and pulled me in to kiss me. So much for the tough Str8 boy act. I would’ve taken him back to my hotel right away, but he wanted me to meet his friends and hang a little. His friends were actually pretty cool…not cockblockers, but I was secretly turned on by his younger italian looking buddy….maybe 22 at the most, tall, great muscles and a really sweet smile. I asked Mike if he’d think about having a 3 way with guido boy….but unfortunately (at least to him) the kid was a total bottom so he wasn’t interested. Shit. Guido boy kept smiling at me….turning around just enough so I could see his bubble butt and hot boxers under his baggy jeans. FUCK! I was just going to have to catch him another night and breed his ass then.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Breeding The Cocky Jock

I finally got Mike to leave his friends and we walked back to the hotel. We stripped each other down as soon as we got in the door and I threw him on the bed and started kissing him passionately. He moaned and told me how bad he wanted me to own his ass and use him anyway I wanted. BINGO.

I got him on all fours and licked his sweaty hole gingerly at first. He was definitely clean but his hole had that hot smell of a high school boys’ lockerroom. His ass was naturally totally smooth except a dusting of light blond beach fuzz. WOOF! Just how I like it. I forced my tongue in all the way and Mike was moaning like a cheap whore in heat “Fuck my butt baby….I want you in me so bad….I wanna be your bitch.” I moved over so he could sit on my face while he swallowed my big meat. He was actually pretty good for only doing stuff with guys for a year….no teeth…good movement.

After his hole and my dick were sufficiently sloppy wet, I got him on his back and kissed him deep while I teased his bare hole. By this time my dick was leaking like a faucet with precum so it went right in. He was crazy tight, so I pumped some Gun Oil on my dick for good measure. He winced as my monster bare dick tore into his tight muscle ass. I just kept kissing him and telling how good he felt and how I was gonna make him feel good. He pulled me in and we kissed more while I pounded his ass harder and deeper….lining his insides with my precum.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Breeding The Cocky Jock

We switched positions a few times….on all fours so he could see me plow him in the mirror….on his side so I could hold him and massage his sexy back….

After a good long fuck he was worn out and begging me to cum. I got him back on his back and held him down while I furiously pounded his ass. I said, “Dude, I’m getting really close….I’m gonna fill your ass with my seed.” Mike was a little uncertain and said “No man, we really shouldn’t….just pull out and shoot in my mouth….please?” “No baby, I wanna fill you up….you wanna be my personal cum slut? Fucking own your ass and fill you up all the time? You wanna make me feel good right?” With that I kissed him and he let in…..

“FUCK FUCK I’m fucking cumming baby! Take my fucking cumload!” Mike’s ass clamped down on my spewing dick, almost in protest….but at the same time, he jerked his own dick and he shot a monster load shot all over his chest. I stayed inside him for a minute before pulling out. I hadn’t cum in a couple days and his used hole was already leaking with my cum.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Breeding The Cocky Jock

We showered up together and he ended up staying the night. We cuddled and fucked again in the morning before I drove him home. He brought up the boyfriend thing, which was cute…but clearly not in the cards. I told him I’d look him up the next time I came to visit.

Now, on to his hot guido buddy….

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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