CUMSLOPPY STORY || Friend Breeds My Boyfriend

In the fall leading up to our first year together at college, Matt and I took a trip to check out the campus we selected. Luckily, our friend Dylan was attending school there. Dylan is tall, dark haired, light eyes, slim but packing a big eight inch cock. We explored the campus and couldn’t find Dylan the night before. He had forgotten we were coming and came back to his room that night a bit drunk.

Luckily his roommate was gone for the short break. Dylan lay in his bed and fell asleep pretty quickly, but Matt, who was laying in Dylan’s roommate’s bed, was horny. I told him we should get to bed and leave Dylan alone to sleep it off. Matt, wearing just his boxer briefs to bed, kept grinding himself into me to show how horny he was. Once more, I told Matt, “Just wait til morning – it’s already 2:30am.”

Matt disappointed, obliged and rolled onto his side to get ready to get some sleep. Around an hour later, I awoke to the feeling of movement. Matt, now naked, was walking over to Dylan’s bed. I whispered to Matt to stop, but he didn’t listen. He climbed into bed with Dylan, who was wearing briefs and a t-shirt. Matt climbed in behind Dylan and wrapped his arms around his waist and began to slowly thrust his raw seven inch cock into Dylan’s ass. Dylan barely stirred at first, so Matt began to thrust a little harder and slid his hand into Dylan’s briefs, grabbing Dylan’s growing eight inch cock. I pretended to be asleep as Matt continued his naked assault on Dylan, who finally began to stir. He rolled over and realizing Matt was naked and hard, grabbed his dick.

Without hesitation, Dylan pulled-off his clothing, grabbed Matt’s ass, pulling him to himself. The two began to make out fiercely. Hands roaming, tongues touching. Dylan wasted no time. He rolled Matt onto his stomach and began to eat his tight twink ass. Matt grunted, clawing at the sheets as Dylan’s tongue filled his ass. After a few minutes, Dylan stood up on the floor and grabbed Matt’s head and started to fuck Matt’s mouth, who was still laying on the bed on his stomach.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Friend Breeds My Boyfriend

Dylan was groaned, and then uttered, “Fuck yeah. Get it all wet. I’m gonna shove this cock in your ass.”

I continued to watch thanks to the dim light from the windows, and I could see Dylan had shoved his big cock as far as he could into Matt’s throat. Eventually Dylan got back on the bed, straddling Matt’s legs, grabbed Matt’s ass cheeks, pulled them apart, spat on his hole, and asked “Ready, bitch?”

Matt replied simply, “Fuck me!” That was all Dylan needed to hear. He lined his big cock with Matt’s wet hole and slowly slid every inch inside of my boyfriend.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Friend Breeds My Boyfriend

Once he was buried in Matt’s ass, Dylan began to fuck him slowly, biting his neck and ears as he did. Matt was grunting and moaning in pleasure, begging Dylan to pound his tight ass. Dylan, of course, was happy to oblige. He pulled Matt up on his knees, grabbed his hips and plunged himself hard and deep into Matt. Matt was getting pounded by an eight cock and I was content to watch him get it all. The two were now sweaty and sliding all over each other as Dylan, somehow, seemed to get faster and harder with each continuous thrust. Matt was jerking himself as Dylan pounded him. Dylan though, quickly pulled out, rolled Matt to his back and lifted his legs and slammed his cock back in my boyfriend. Matt continued to jerk off and soon with the pounding of his prostate, broke their kiss long enough to tell Dylan he was about to shoot. Dylan shoved his cock deep once more and Matt erupted. Shot after shot covering his abs and chest. Dylan scooped it up with his fingers and made Matt taste his own load. Dylan then licked some off his fingers and directly off Matt and began to kiss him with a mouth full of his cum. While they made out, Dylan was getting close. He broke their cum covered kiss to ask Matt, “I’m gonna cum, where do you want it?”

Matt answered “Don’t stop, fill my ass!”

Dylan was happy with that instruction. He grabbed Matt’s shoulders, pulling him deeper onto his big cock and told him he was gonna cum, and at that moment he moaned and let out a small yelp as he unloaded inside of my boyfriend. Matt pulled Dylan deeper with his legs around his waist now. The two collapsed in a sweaty, cummy heap.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Friend Breeds My Boyfriend

The two fell asleep with Dylan’s cock and cum still inside of Matt. That was just round one. Morning wood created round two, again inside of Matt’s ass.

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