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I had Brett call Soroush to ask if he’d masturbate for me while I took pictures. When I walked into the room, he was already nude, serious and focused on his cock.

Shooting men during sex–even if they’re alone–is profoundly different from shooting them when they’re posing nude.  And every man reacts differently to the situation.  Soroush was perfectly serious and centered while Pony and I mucked around with lighting possibilities.


Pony and I stepped back to give him a chance to get aroused.  Soroush is straight, and whenever a straight man is willing to do this for me I feel immensely privileged.  There always comes a moment when their pure sexual energy fills the room.  And they can tell that that’s my deepest interest.

No matter how calm or matter-of-fact they seem, it’s always a fragile, tentative experience.  The less the photographer (or videographer) says, the better.  When Soroush was completely hard I knelt in front of him and he automatically stopped moving, showing me his hard cock.


Since I’d entered the room he hadn’t looked up from his cock once.  I moved closer, in between his legs and said “Look at me.”  Again automatically, he put his hands behind his head and looked at me like this.  Manhood personified.

Pony asked him if he’d like to use some lube.  Gratefully, he said yes.  Almost immediately his breathing got louder and, instead of just stroking mechanically, he entered that zone of cock-pleasure that every man knows.

He came in big thick jets of semen.  Every man is proud of–and in love with–his own ejaculations.  And every time I’ve complimented a man on the huge amount of sperm he produces, they’ve all responded with what Soroush said “I usually shoot a lot more.”

And this is the serious face I’ve seen thousands of times, the face straight men make in their most vulnerable state.  Two gay men are staring at him, worshiping his sex and his seed.  What else can a straight man do but look almost defiant?  Here he is in his most transcendent and most reductive condition: he’s given his essence for the pleasure of my gaze and for my camera.



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