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Has this ever happened to you?

A friend of mine brought this hot guy over, for us all to hang out. We rolled around on the bed and that was about it. I said bye to them and went back to doing whatever I was doing before they came over.

About 30 minutes later, I heard a “tap” on my window and then another. I looked out and saw the guy my friend brought over! He was down on the street level and wanted to get my attention. I ain’t gonna lie, I was glad to see him. He was so fucking cute! He told me that he must’ve left something in my room. We hadn’t taken our clothes off, so I knew it couldn’t have been his underwear. So, I let him come back up and look for what he left. It was a ring. A big huge ass college class ring. I could see what was happening here and I couldn’t be happier! As soon as he found his ring, he turned around and almost instantly, we started kissing. Before long, we had taken our clothes off and started to touch each others skin. We were both so into each other, we started making out and fucking, right away! It was so hot!

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Afterwards, he told me that he hadn’t forgotten his ring there, but planted it so that he would have an excuse to come back. I said I knew. And I was glad he did.

We cuddled the rest of the night and I’ll tell you, as far as cuddle buddies go, he was one of the absolute best. He was the best cuddler I had ever known! We couldn’t get close enough. We would curl up so tight with each other and just stay like that. It was better than anything you could imagine. But the sex was awesome, too!

He came over several times after that. We fucked and cuddled and talked and fucked and then we both got boyfriends or moved or who knows what. I often wonder where this guy is. And who gets to intertwine their body with his. Boing! I’m getting hard again!


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