JUST RE-RELEASED: Machofucker Ass Stretcher Vol. 1-3


Here they are: the first three movies in the infamous balls-deep hole-pounding MACHOFUCKER ASS STRETCHER series, exclusively from Treasure Island Media. The biggest cocks in the world impaling the hungriest cumwhores on the planet.

Once thought to be tucked away in the T.I.M. vault forever, we are excited to bring back the fan favorite Machofucker Ass Stretcher series, releasing ASS STRETCHER Vol. 1-3, today in a two disc set, with plans to release volumes 4-6 as a set later this year. Both are digitally enhanced and include a new, never before seen bonus scene.

This isn’t gentle sex; this is about intense macho studs taking what they want, anyway they want it. You will be blown away by the sheer monumentality of the schlongs on the aggressive topmen in these videos.


Volume 1 – Ass Stretcher

From the original video description:

A few months ago DAWSON told me to check out MACHOFUCKER.  I did, and here’s their first video, available exclusively through Treasure Island Media: ASS STRETCHER. This is definitely a no-frills, Euro-vision of sex and it focuses on one thing and one thing only: BIG, BURSTIN’ MAN-RAMMING COCKS.

Everyone I’ve shown this to has been blown away by the sheer monumentality of the schlongs on the macho, aggressive topmen in this video. They are HUGE and they’re HARD – and they are extremely AGGRESSIVE. The bottoms are holes to be used, nothing more. This isn’t gentle sex: this is about INTENSE MACHO STUDS taking what they want, and taking it anyway they want it.

Volume 2 – Ass Stretcher


From the original video description: 

Our 2nd INSTALLMENT of the MACHOFUCKER series on DVD is, amazingly, even more impressive than the first.  The tops are bigger and harder. The bottoms are even more hungry and willing.  And this vid also features mega-hung, then T.I.M. Exclusive JERRY STEARNS  (on loan for this project only).

So if you liked the initial one you’re gonna love ASS STRETCHER 2.   Bare, huge bones mercilessly fucking cock-starving bottoms.  There’s no frills, no story, no nonsense. JUST ELEMENTAL manfucking.

Putting it simply: ASS STRETCHER 2 is filled with nothing but the PUREST FUCK-ACTION.  This one is a key addition to any porn library.  Revel in the ride. – Paul Morris


Volume 3 – Ass Stretcher

From the original video description: 


Here it is: the third installment in the infamous ASS STRETCHER series. The cocks are the biggest in the world (no exaggeration there!), the bottoms are the hungriest cumwhores on the planet. And the action is non-stop and pure balls-deep hole pounding.

Six scenes, six non-stop, world-class, deep-dick impalings that will leave you gasping and spurting–guaranteed!

This is raw, hard man-porn at its hardest and most essential. Ass-pounding, balls-deep, uncensored fucking. This third volume of ASS STRETCHER sets a new standard. You’ll fuckin’ love it. – Paul Morris

BONUS SCENE – Ass Stretcher

In this bonus scene, shot in South Africa, PATRICK gets pounded aggressively by an anonymous married local stud who drops his thick seed deep in the eager boy’s guts.




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