CUMSLOPPY STORY || Barrio Boy Load

I was living in San Antonio and the gay rodeo came to town, so went with a group of friends to see all the cowboys, hangout, and have fun. We spent all afternoon at the rodeo and then moved to one of the gay country western bars off North Main where there were several gay bars and clubs.

My friends were ready to leave, but I had had a few shots of tequila and was having a blast so said I would grab a cab if I didn’t get lucky. Well, not sure what was in the air that night but I was having no luck with the cowboy crowd and said fuck it, time to go home. I headed out of the club and decided to walk a bit and turned right onto the side street instead of left to North Main. I had barely gone a block when this car slowed down beside me and this Mexican guy leaned over and asked through the open window (in a very heavy Spanish accent), “Wanna ride?” I was pretty buzzed by then and could smell the strong pot aroma coming out of his car, but looked around, and said “Sure, thanks man.”

As soon as I sat in the car he started driving. He did not ask me where I lived and I did not really care. We drove for a couple minutes when he handed a joint to me and asked if I wanted to smoke. I said no, but did not mind if he did and wanted some company. He sort of looked at me sideways as he drove and I could not tell what his was thinking, but he said “OK” and kept driving.

He still did not say anything but soon pulled down a side street that was a bit darker and took several more turns, and I started realizing I was not seeing any cars, it was getting darker and darker, and I had no idea where I was. I started to get scared and thinking fuck, what if this dude was out to rob me or some shit? But wouldn’t he have done that already? Damn! I don’t know.

He stopped the car and I looked around. Appeared to be a bunch of warehouses – west of downtown as I could see the city off to my right, and not another person or car in sight. I truly was lost, but the tequila made me say what the fuck – whatever. He turned the car off, looked over at me and gave me a crooked smile and I melted. He turned the radio on to a Spanish music station, pulled out the joint, and lit up, took a big hit, smiled again, sat back in the seat, closed his eyes and let it take. I was still sort of confused and not sure what was up, so took another swig of tequila. I realized I was really buzzed now, maybe a little drunk, so should even it out and asked if I could have a beer. He said sure, reached back and grabbed me one.

I was swallowing the beer trying to get my head a little clear when I glanced at him and saw he was rubbing his crotch. Or was I just drunk? No he was rubbing his crotch. He put the joint between his lips, arched his body out and unzipped his pants, and this fat uncut dick flopped out. He grabbed the lighter, lit up, looked at me and gave me that smile again. OK, I knew what was up now. I leaned over, gently rolled his foreskin back, and started sucking his dick. I heard him inhale deep and then felt the smoke wash over me as he exhaled. I just kept sucking. He tasted sweaty, clammy, and somewhat sour, but strong, damn his dick smelled and tasted good. He had a long foreskin that I was able to nibble on and lick each time I went down on him. He had not washed in a while for sure, but once I licked him good, liked the taste and wanted to taste him more.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Barrio Boy Load

I soon realized I had to piss – bad – so opened the door, got out, stood near the back of the car close to the building and started to piss. I had dropped my shorts and soon felt a hand touching my ass. I looked to my right and he was standing beside me with his dick half hard, pants dropped, and a huge stream of piss flowing out his cock. FUCK that made me hard. He finished, I got on my hands and knees and started to suck him again.

I sucked him for a while, then I felt him push me down by my shoulders. We were in a parking lot and it was rough, there was gravel, my knees were already hurting, but he pushed me onto my back, lifted my legs, spit on his hand, rubbed his dick, then pushed his dick against my ass – HARD. It took my breath away when he popped through my hole, and so I wrapped my arms around his neck and felt his weight as he started pumping my ass. Part of my brain was asking what the fuck was I doing, I should ask him to stop and put on a condom, where was I, etc… but my ass took over and I just gave in and felt him ride me. I wanted him to breed me so bad.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Barrio Boy Load

He fucked hard. Every stroke he came almost all the way out (and a couple times he did come all the way out) and then slammed back in. He did not say a word, but held me tight and grunted and moaned with every thrust. I held my arms tight around his neck and loved the smell of his hair and skin as his dick. I was so out of it – between the tequila and dick in my ass I was floating in bliss and am sure had a big old grin on my face. After a while he pulled out, got on his knees, looked at me, smiled again, grabbed my hand and pulled me up as he stood up. He then bent me over and in one stroke buried his dick back up my ass. He pumped it hard and I just held on feeling his fat uncut dick slide in and out. Soon he started to grunt and say something in Spanish. I had no idea what, but hoped it was good. His dick swelled, he grabbed me in a bear hug, and I felt him unload in my guts, and I begged “Please cum in me, please cum in me!”. It felt like his dick spasmed and twitched forever.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Barrio Boy Load

He yanked his dick out and stood there looking at me. I knelt back down on the pavement and licked and sucked on his dick to clean him off. Fuck he tasted good. He pulled out of my mouth and sat back in the car, lit up another joint and relaxed back into the seat. I climbed back into the passenger’s side and he still did not say much. Just smiled at me and about 5 minutes later, closed his door, started the car, and began driving. Soon we were back near the clubs and I told him he could just let me out any place.

When my friends asked how my evening was and I told them, they said yeah, a lot of barrio boys from West San Antonio did the drive by, pick up thing, around there just to get a nice hole to fuck as they knew the drunk gay boys always gave it up. I went back to that block several times after going to the clubs, hoping I would see him again. I never did, but did end up doing a hot three way with two barrio boys one night. That’s a story for another time.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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