CUMSLOPPY STORY || Blue Collar Cum. Part 2

Again, I did as instructed and called him when I was ready to leave. He met me by the elevators and when we got he pressed the button for the basement. As the elevator descended the erections in both our pants grew. We got out of the elevator and he led me through a bunch of different doors until we got to a deserted area of the basement. He took out his bundle of keys and unlocked a door to an empty janitor’s closet that had a big wash sink and a drain in the floor. “Take off all your clothes.” I took off everything, but when he saw that I had opted to wear a jockstrap for the evening he stopped me from taking it off, saying “Get over in the corner by that drain.”

I went over and stood in the corner and he put his hand on my shoulder forcing me to a squatting position. He then took out his big hard cock. “Open your mouth faggot.”

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Blue Collar Cum. Part 2

I opened my mouth just in time for him to release a golden stream of piss into it. Much to his surprise I closed my mouth around his cock and didn’t spill a drop. Just to show his dominance he took his cock out and squirted my face with the last bit of piss left in him. “Get up, get the lube and lean over the sink.”

I retrieved it and leaned over the stained basin. With his teeth, he tore open the little packet, squirted the majority of its contents all over his cock and then what little was left he rubbed around on my asshole. He then line up his thick cock with my ass and, without saying a word, shoved the entire length into my ass. I let out a little whimper as his big balls swung into me. He grabbed my face and turned it towards him. “Shut the fuck up and don’t make another sound.”

Once he was sure I would make any more noise he started to assault my asshole in a way that made me think that he had been thinking about doing this to me for some time now. It only lasted for about five minutes, but after he had cum in me and started to go soft, he pulled his dick out leaving my hole gaping. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t get my hole to close. Using my hair, he pulled my mouth onto his cock and instructed me to clean it off. Once that was done he pulled out two zip ties from his belt. One he put around the plumbing behind the faucet and the other he put around my wrist and looped the two together, effectively tying me to the sink. “The last guy will cut you loose when he’s done with you.”

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Blue Collar Cum. Part 2

With that he zipped up and left me in the room alone in the dark. I could hear the key in the door locking me in. It was a few minutes later when a set of keys jingled outside and the light was turned back on by a very hot janitor I had fantasized about for months. He was mid-40’s, 6’4” and spoke with a heavy Slavic accent. He stuck a finger in his mouth and then in my ass to see how loose the security guard had left me. He played with my ass for a few minutes while he rubbed the engorged cock in his brown uniform pants. He didn’t say anything, just a few “mmmm’s”. Suddenly he unzipped his pants, pulled his underwear to one side and let his cock spring forth from his pants. It wasn’t quite as thick as the guard’s, but it was easily four inches longer and uncut. Without saying anything, he spit on my hole and spit on his cock, then he started full-on fucking me. There was no getting used to it, no pause, just in and out like he was using a jack-off toy. He kept up his pace for 15 minutes or so until he grunted and I could feel streams of cum being released inside me. He then yanked his cock out of my ass and came up to the sink. He instructed me to open my mouth and proceeded to piss in my mouth and all over my face. When he was done, he went over, picked up my undershirt and wiped his cock off. Then I was left alone again in the dark, hearing the familiar sounds of a key locking me in.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Blue Collar Cum. Part 2

After a few minutes another janitor came in. This one was in his 50’s, 6’2”, skinny with a full beard and mustache. He was yawning and he entered the room. He immediately had a finger in my ass. “Nice.” He yawned again. “Sorry, end of my shift. Had to come in and get a piece of this after hearing how good you were.” He took a pair of snips from his back pocket and released me from the zip tie. “I’ve had a rough night; think I’ll let you do all the work.” With that said he undid his pants, pushed them down to his ankles and lay down on the floor. “Come on; work this load out of my balls.”

I knelt down between his legs and started sucking his big uncut cock and was pleasantly surprised to find a PA hidden under the foreskin. Only thing I love more than foreskin is a PA with it. As soon as I had his fat cock hard I squatted over it and rode him and hard as I could, squeezing my insides over the balls on his PA. It didn’t take long before I was cumming in my jockstrap without ever having touched my cock. The clenching from my orgasm resulted in him letting loose inside me. I sat there for a minute, relishing the cock in me. Finally he got up and let me clean his cock for him. When we were done he told me I was free to go.

I got dressed and found my way out of the basement and back to my car. When I got home I was still so horny from what had happened I squeezed some of the cum out of my ass and jacked off thinking about the three men that had unloaded in me.

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