CUMSLOPPY STORY || Blue Collar Cum. Part 1

It started innocently enough. The security guard where I work was driving me out to my car since I get out off in the middle of the night and safety in our parking lot tends to be an issue at that time. Generally it was a short drive, only giving us time for very short conversations, usually involving the weather or the phase that the moon appeared to be in. I had always thought he was a hot guy, probably an ex-cop. He was late 40’s, 5’11” and had the remnants of a guy that had done a lot of lifting in the gym in his 20’s. One night, however, I had ended up parking in a far lot due to some construction in the lot I normally parked in. Once we had exhausted the weather, the conversation turned to our personal lives where he ended up discovering that I was gay. I’m out at work and don’t generally hide the fact that I’m gay from people and didn’t think anything about our conversation until the next night. He picked me up as normal and instead of talking about the weather he started right in on me being gay, not derogatory, but more inquisitive.

This continued every night for the next two weeks, then one night I hopped into the security pickup with him and caught my thin scrubs on the latch of the pickup, ripping out the side seam and exposing my right ass cheek. I got in and while he drove me to my car I examined how mangled my scrubs were and while doing so he took notice that I was wearing a thong. This must have excited him, because by the time we had reached my car his pants were stretched tight against his erection. He rubbed he dick through his pants, trying to reposition it so I wouldn’t notice.

Seeing his dick get hard made my dick get hard and he couldn’t take his eyes off of it. “I hear you gay guys are good at sucking cock.”

“Well, I guess most of us probably are. Guess you’d have to let me suck yours and make your own opinion.”

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Blue Collar Cum. Part 1

That’s all it took and he had his pants unzipped and his cock at full mast. I went down in his cock, which wasn’t easy considering how thick it was. It easily rivaled a beer can in girth. As I sucked him through the fly in his uniform, he put his hands inside the ripped seam in my scrubs and rubbed my ass. Occasionally he’d pull the thong to one side and touch my hole. While I was sucking him I extracted his enormous long balls from his pants and pulled on them slightly. Apparently none of the women he’d ever been with had pulled this maneuver and in no time he was flooding my mouth with cum. Once he started to go soft he pushed me aside, tucked his junk back in his tighty whities, zipped up and told me he had to get going to do his security checks. I was fine with being used for his pleasure.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Blue Collar Cum. Part 1

For the next couple of weeks I kept parking in the far lot where there was less chance of anyone seeing us and every night he would give me a hot load. As he got more comfortable with the fact that he liked being serviced by a guy he got more daring with my ass. At first he’d just rub the cheeks, maybe tap my hole a little, but then it got bolder and started licking his fingers and inserting them in my ass. One night after giving me another huge creamy load he said that the next time he saw me he wanted me to bring some lube with me and make sure my ass was clean.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Blue Collar Cum. Part 1

As instructed, the next time I worked I made sure my ass was clean and brought along a sample size of lube. As usual, we drove to my car and I blew him, but this time he inserted an entire finger, then another, then another, until he had three of his fat fingers going in and out of my hole. Just as he was about to cum I clenched my ass and held around his fingers. This really turned him on and he shot the biggest load in my mouth to date. Once he had started to go soft in my mouth he, took his fingers out of my ass and wiped the lube on my shirt. “Tomorrow night, in addition to the instructions you had for tonight, make sure you call me and I’ll walk you out.”

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  1. I think it’d be a good idea to mention the source of the pics you use in your stories, to know exactly in which of the TIM movies you could find them!

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