CUMSLOPPY STORY || First Time Being Really ” Fucked”

I knew from an early age that my ass needed action. As a kid, and young teen, I would stick things in my ass, play with ass and even fashioned a dick from a large carrot. My first time getting fucked half way was when I was 18. It was OK, but not what I imagined.

When I was in my late teens and early 20s, I discovered the bathhouses (this was the mid- to late “70s). The first time in a bath house was in Washington, D.C. Now, I had been with women, but I was amazed at the variety of and shapes of guys and cocks! Although I felt more of a bottom, as a good looking young guy, I was hit on frequently. In the steam room , guys would reach for my cock and engulf the thing. I am not huge, about 6 inches cut, but the guys said it was a nice cock. Who am I to argue?

The bath houses were and on- and off-again thing. There would be months with no visits, then weekly. For the most part, I led a very vanilla life. During the process, I graduated from college and ended up in Cleveland.

After about a year in Cleveland (this was 1980), the urge to hit the bath houses again was strong. So, one night , I ended up at the Club Bath on West Ninth Street – no longer in business (there were two Club Baths in Cleveland then, the downtown one and one on Detroit Avenue). Anyway, I digress. The Club Bath had a street entrance, with three levels. The basement level had the showers, steam room, orgy room and was where the action got hit. Friday and Saturday night were packed from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. or do. Guys, guys, guys. Cocks, cocks, cocks. Whew.

About six months in into my weekly visits, I decided to try a Sunday afternoon. My purpose that day was to get fucked. I got a room, bought some lube, and went hunting. From my room on the main floor, I walked down to the orgy room – which was a maze of interconnected rooms, with small mattresses, glory holes and little nooks for public or somewhat private action. It was slow, but in one of the rooms was a very tall blond-haired guy with silky hair and a trim body. Slowly, I walked over, and before I could even make a play, off came his towel to reveal the best cock I have ever seen. He had been stroking and was semi-erect. A nicely shaped mushroom head meant for sucking, and long – oh-so-long. At least nine inches. He could have been a cock model (as it turns out, he was a hand model). He had a nice low hanging ball sack. We stoked each other, and then he simply put a hand to the back of my head. I knew what he meant. So, dropped to the knees and began licking his balls, and sucking them gently in my mouth. Then, I licked up his shaft and let my tongue slowly dance around the glans. “Enough,” he said, grabbing me and pushing that perfectly shaped mushroom head into my mouths. I sucked on it and then took him as deeply as possible. Damned, this was one long cock!

CUMSLOPPY STORY || First Time Being Really " Fucked"

Then, he stooped me. Pulled me to my feet, and grabbed my cock, and whispered in my ear, “I want to fuck. Have a room?” I nooded, and we replaced our towels and slowly walked the one flight to my room. When we entered, the door shut quickly and I once again started to suck that monster. It was long, hard and almost angry looking, pointing 45 degrees plus upward. For the second time, he said, ‘Enough.” He pulled me up and motioned to the bunk. Now, I had already taken the precaution to lube myself…but i wondered if it was enough. As if reading my mind, he grabbed the lube and started to slowly open me up with his fingers. In my mind, I wanted to scream, “be gentle,” but his instinctively figured my inexperience.

He placed me on all fours, lubed his cock in front of me, and then got behind. For the longest time, he rubbed his mushroom head over my anus, prepping me for the assault to come. All the while, he was breathing heavy while I was moaning. Without warning, he pushed. With a pop. the headed entered my tender ass! I groaned. Loudly. He just rocked a bit, wanting me to feel his cock. The pain was searing. But at the same time, I was so exited. Hard as a rock. Wanting more. This guy was great. He sensed when I was ready for more, and started to slide in, deeper, deeper. Then he stopped. Suddenly, I recall saying, “Shit, shit, shit…oh man, I can take it! I can take it! Fuck me.” There was a mixture of pain and pleasure, with the pleasure winning out! But he kept slowly penetrating, until, at long last, I could actually feel him hit bottom.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || First Time Being Really " Fucked"

“Now, I am going to fuck you,” was all he said. He then pulled out a bit, and went back inside. He pulled out some more, and pushed back inside. Then, suddenly, he pulled back with just the still inside, and he shoved hard, one long thrust. “Ugh,” was all I could say. Then, a voice from somewhere in the room said, “Fuck me with that monster. Fuck me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” I started to push back with each thrust. Again that voice in the room, “Make me your bitch. Fuck me!”

I will never forget what came next. He started to hit something deep inside me (I would later learn my prostate). The faster and harder he fucked, the hotter harder I got. “Gonna cum, boy, gonna cum,” he yelled. His thrusts were like a piston engine. In. Out. In. Out. The, a huge thrust and he started to grunt. I clamped my ass. I could feel his cock pulsating, and could actually feel his shoot (darned few times in years since). As he was shooting and pulsating, deep inside, I felt a surge of energy and I started to cum. With no touching my dick. In the almost 32 years since, that has not happened often.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || First Time Being Really " Fucked"

After we finished, I was spent. He told me that I was a good lay and had potential as a bottom. 🙂

We chatted briefly. He was pushing 40, married, and was a hand model on the side. I ran onto him a few times after that, and we fucked, and there were always fireworks.

But that chilly March afternoon in Cleveland, I learned what it was like to be “really” fucked.

Courtesy of Breedingzone.

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