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He’s from Australia. He wrote to us and mentioned that he had “a nice appendage”. He’s straight, so the only thing he’ll do for our cameras is jerk off. After he was finished I came in to take a few snapshots of him.


At first he seemed a little thrown off by me and by my obvious fascination with his “appendage”. He’s a big and rather beefy man.  His cock slowly grew soft as I snapped shot after shot.

I can’t tell you how much of my life has been given to studying mens’ cocks.  The sexuality of men is more than a passion for me, more than a livelihood; it’s awfully close to a religion.  For me, it’s the marriage of the physical and the numinous, the body and the soul.

As he and Nick talked about his sex—he loves submissive women and is exploring bondage—I knelt in front of him. The thick splashes of his semen on the floor soaked through the knees of my pants.


As it grew softer it seemed to hang even more heavily.

Nick moved a light a tiny bit.  It was as though an entirely different landscape was revealed.


I know I’m posting a lot of snapshots of his cock. But this is only a tiny sample of all the shots I took. When I was nearly finished, he’d clearly relaxed. There was absolutely nothing coy or guarded about him now.

I love the powerful, amiable, often conflicted relationship every man has with phallus, his own and those of other men. Cynics often say that men are born, live and die alone. But this isn’t true. Every man has a partner through the entire life experience. Like another being, another mind that moves and develops over the years, a man’s sex is always with him, always urging him toward growth and exploration.






  1. Nothing wrong with a limp dick – LOVE the feel of it as it swells in my mouth and throat!

  2. I like when straight guys feel conflicted just after they’ve cum with or for a gay man. Besides that, the big foreskin on this bull’s cock is smoking hot.

  3. The most attractive, heavy, full, monster, cock I’ve seen on here for a while, thanks for sharing!!! It’s times like this, that makes you realize there’s undiscovered treasure still to be found out there. And this sure is Australian Gold.

  4. The most attractive,heavy, full, monster, cock I’ve seen on here for a while , thanks for sharing. It’s times like this, that maes you relies there s undiscovered treasure still to be found out there. And this sure is Australian Gold.

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