CUMSLOPPY STORY || “Afternoon Delight”

A guy contacted me yesterday, said he saw me on XTube and wanted to hookup with me. The pics he sent along matched his stats – upper 20s, tall and thin… Pretty much just my type (except for the tall part, and he wasn’t that much taller than me)…

So we set things up so he’d come by today. He shows up, and is just like his pics – looked like he’d be a good fuck. We go into the bedroom and get down to business pretty quickly. He sucked me a little, I sucked on his nipples and then on his cock, and then rimmed him for a while. He was pretty much completely smooth and he had a great hole, so rimming him was pretty excellent…

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After I had him lubed with spit I tried to just push in, but he was pretty sensitive, so I grabbed some lube and things went a little better. He still had a little trouble taking me, but I figured if he wanted to hookup with me after seeing my videos, then he didn’t expect me to be all that gentle – so I just kept fucking him and he got used to it pretty quickly. While it was hurting him he was pretty vocal and loud. I was a little worried the neighbors would hear since the bedroom is right next to the hallway, but after a while he got a little quieter.

His hole felt really good and I knew I could cum pretty easily, but didn’t want to cum too quickly so I held back a little. Then I flipped him over onto his stomach and kept fucking him. It felt better this way (usually does with skinny guys), and after a while I figured I’d just fuck him as hard as I wanted to. By this point he was taking it really well and seemed to like me wailing away at his ass, though you never can tell sometimes what they’re thinking.

Bad Seed, Treasure Island Media

The funny part was when I was finally ready to cum, I couldn’t cum all that easily. It took a while of really pounding his ass. I kept feeling like I was right on the verge of cumming, but didn’t want to slow down unless I knew I really was going to cum. Finally I could feel it boiling up in my balls, so I stopped and a few seconds later blasted a pretty big load in his ass.

He had one of those smooth, clean asses you want to felch, so I pulled out pretty quickly and his ass was a beautiful sight… He had this dribble of cum leading from his hole to his balls and about to drip off his balls. I dove in and licked it clean and then sucked a bit on his cummy hole. Damn it tasted great felching my cum out of his ass, though I did leave most of it in there.

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I then laid next to him. He reached down, got his fingers all cummy and licked them clean. Then we sorta had a nice quiet time where we chatted (he asked me my name), and I sorta felt him up for a while, before it was time for him to go and he left.

He did mention that he sorta wanted to get filmed. I had thought of asking him, but then forgot. So hopefully he’ll come back next week and we’ll do it again and put it up on XTube for all to see…

Story courtesy of RawTop.

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