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So there’s this latin guy on the Upper West Side who I fucked a couple of times over 3 years ago. He was a good bottom who liked it anonymous and simple. I’d show up at his place, he’d be on his knees, ass up. I’d fuck him, cum in him, and leave.

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Since then I’ve seen him online a lot – he has a lot of ads on Craigslist for anonymous, “no questions asked,” pump and dump encounters. I kept meaning to hookup with him, but things always fell through. I’m sure he thought I was a complete flake… But one thing that really made me want to hook up with him was that he got fucked enough that half the time we’d talk he had a load or two in his ass already and I’ve been wanting “sloppy seconds” lately…

Anyway… Today was a bit frustrating. So I contacted the latin guy I fucked before. He got back to me pretty quickly and I went over. When I got there not much had changed. He lives in an SRO, which for those of you who aren’t New Yorkers, is a “Single Room Occupancy” building (technically a hotel). Basically they were low end hotels that the poor moved into and they became residential – decades later they’re still low end, one room apartments that don’t have kitchens – they’re just a room and a bathroom.

Not only does he live in a little room, but it’s one that’s low down in the building and the only light he has is a dingy light well… It’s always dark in his apartment – no matter what time of day it is. It’s a little depressing when I think about it.

Like before, he left the door to his apartment ajar, and when I opened the door he was there like 3 feet inside the door on his bed, head down, ass up. I unzipped, got on my knees and started eating out his ass. He was a little guy, really smooth, and had a great ass and a nice hole. This was the kind of hookup I like, so I took my time and just ate his ass for a while. He had greased it up a little, but not so much that it was unpleasant to eat out.

I then took my hard raw cock that I’d been jacking a bit and shoved it in his ass (I’m still fully clothed, BTW). Like when I rimmed him, I took my time fucking him. He kept moving around a bit – adjusting himself to make things more comfortable but the whole time he was basically head down ass up. He never once turned around to look at me, and neither one of us said anything. He was just a piece of meat – and a good one at that…

Treasure Island Media, Macho Fucker, Ass Stretcher

I was actually a bit surprised with myself. Usually I get to the point and cum pretty quickly, but I just kept fucking him and fucking him… It felt good. Finally I could feel it building and I could tell I was sorta “leaking” in his ass. Finally I came in his ass. I wouldn’t say it was a long fuck, but it wasn’t a quick fuck either…

When I was done I kept my dick in him and he finally looked back at me and asked me to lay down with him. I went forward on the bed and laid on top of him – still keeping my dick in him. I wasn’t sure how things were going to go at this point. I figured he wanted to feel me on him, covering him, dominating him (in a tender way). I started kissing his neck and he started responding. He turned his head and I saw his face and he was actually pretty cute (which is more or less what I remembered).

We started cuddling and talking a little bit. He had this big grin on his face. I think he was enjoying himself – I know I was… Here was a short, inshape, latin bottom who loves getting cum in his ass, who was simultaneously a cumhole and a really sweet guy… Other than the fact that I find his life a little depressing, there was a lot I liked about the guy…

It was pretty surprising that an anonymous, “no questions asked” bottom who doesn’t even bother to look at who’s fucking him would be so affectionate and personable. But it was nice at the same time…

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He finally suggested he get me a towel and we both sorta got up, but then I went back to eating his ass. I was hoping to taste my cum, but I guess I came pretty deep in him, and I didn’t have him sit on my face or anything that would made it come out… Then he cleaned off my cock with a blow job. I think he was hoping for round two, but I didn’t get hard enough for that. Finally I tucked my dick in, zipped up, and left…

I gotta say, it was one of the most satisfying fucks I’ve had in a really long time… Ah, the irony of having a really good bareback fuck on World AIDS Day…

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