Maybe you’ve seen it on one of our guys, like T.I.M. Exclusives Damon Dogg, Brad McGuire, Keer, Dan Fisk, and admired it. Or maybe you met someone with it and envied him. It’s as legendary as Paul Morris himself – the Treasure Island Media tattoo.

Email Us !

This is your chance to prove your devotion to Treasure Island Media.

Here’s the deal – Tattoo any of the T.I.M. approved designs ANYWHERE on your body and we’ll take care of you. That’s right, we’ll pay for your TAT!

The choice is yours. To start your journey towards becoming a Marked Man simply send us an email to (TIM TATTOO CHALLENGE) with your legal name (you know, the one Uncle Sam uses to take 25% of your money). Remember to include the location you want the tattoo (photos are not required but never hurt) and where you would like to have the work done (your favorite tattoo parlor, friends garage) or if you’re not sure just let us know and we’ll help you find a place.

After that, just give us a few days and one of our hard working men will talk with Paul to get his blessing. But first, pick your design below or send us your artwork for approval:




In the mean check out our full stable of Morris’ Marked Men. 


We are currently looking for a few new tattoo designs to add to our approved collection. Have an idea, submit here.

We are also looking for tattoo artist in NYC, London, SF, LA, Chicago, and Berlin who might be interested in becoming a resident TIM Tattoo Artist. If you or some more you know is interested, send us and email.


  1. Is still available this challenge? can I do it living in Colombia?

  2. I’ve only recently decided (accepted?) that cumwhoring is a vocation I wish to fully give myself over to. Being owned by someone I’ve never met and probably never will is one of the fucking hottest thing that comes to (a filthy) mind.
    I like the spray painted logo without the words, is that acceptable?

  3. I’ve always been a fan of Treasure Island and I would be proud and honored to have the original TI tat on my tailbone as the finishing medallion to my own tat…

  4. That Built to Fuck Tat is so fuckin HOT. I want to be a Marked Man. But mine should read….Built to be Fucked….LOL

  5. This applies only at US? What about the rest of the world? Anyway, I’d like to have the Brad McGuire pattern of TIM logo, where can I found it?

  6. BritPig is getting his TIM TAT tomorrow…. Liam Cole will be filming it….

    1. I’m joeUK horndog, tke a look. And contact me when your about to fuck and fill my hole bro . JoeUK

    2. I am very tempted to have this tattoo decorating my body. The fact that Mark will fuck and fill me makes the temptation almost irresistible !

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