CUMSLOPPY STORY || 3-Way In the Parents’ Basement

“I’ve been searching around for some guys, and I found a few that are interested in coming over.” 20 year old Brandon’s parents were out of town for part of the week, and so he was able to host for the night. My hopes soared at the prospect of having more guys over, so I let him get to work organizing tops to come plow my hole for the night as I settled onto his couch in the basement.

The basement of Brandon’s parents’ house was under renovation; it looked as if the room was once a family room, with a sofa, a leather couch, a weight bench, a fridge, a pool table, but it also looked like this was where Brandon got his fucking done. Any spot that one might be able to fuck in had something to keep from leaving lube or cum stains: he had placed an open sleeping bag on the leather couch, and there were normal lap blankets thrown on the chairs in the room. It was clear that Brandon was prepared for me to get fucked.

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Well, after all of his hard work texting so many guys he knew, it sadly narrowed down to one of his fuck buddies that was just getting off of work. He finally sat down on the couch to watch whatever TV show was on while I had been waiting. Having had him dangled in front of me for a whole half an hour while he texted his friends about my ass, I was tired of waiting and I got to work on him while we waited for his friend to show up. I began to feel all up and down his slim body with one hand while I groped his semi-hard cock in the other hand. I unbuckled his belt and undid his pants buttons, and slid his pants down so I could get closer to sucking his hot cock. I fondled his cock through his underwear for a brief minute, but was so cock-hungry that I couldn’t wait any longer and I slid his underwear from his waist as well, watching his thick, veiny eight-inch cock flop out between his legs. He had a perfect dick for fucking; it didn’t curve up, but was rather curved downward at just the slightest angle.

As I sucked his cock into my mouth, I slowly worked the head of his dick with my warm tongue. As I began to slowly deep throat his thick cock, I also realized that his cock wasn’t going to be just the perfect angle for fucking, but also the perfect angle for deep throating. Before long, I was taking his dick all the way down to the base, my nose bumping against his trimmed pubes; his moans told me all I needed to know to keep going with the cock sucking that I had started.

After about 25 minutes of almost nonstop cock pleasuring, I heard the door into the basement open and Brandon got up to greet our guest.

As Brandon’s fuck buddy walked into the light, I immediately recognized him as a guy that I slept with once that lives right down the road from me. He was a white guy, top, in his 30s, slim and attractive. We had fucked once when I had been able to host at my house.

After the older guy arrived, Brandon said, “Enough teasing my cock. It’s time to set that ass up to get fucked,” as he pulled a long strand of anal beads out, going from tiny to pretty wide at the end. Excited, I bent over an arm of the sofa and braced myself with my arms on the floor. I felt some lube drip into the crack of my ass as Brandon squirted some on my ass. I felt the slow push of the anal beads against the opening to my hole, the first bead passing into my hole easily. As he kept pushing the beads became harder and harder to get up my ass, and it got to be more pleasurable as we went. Soon enough, he was pushing those beads all the way in and pulling them out just as quickly as he had shoved them in. He began licking and biting his way along my ass until he got to my hole and started lightly rimming it as he kept pushing the beads in my ass.

The older top, satisfied with watching up to that point took off his pants and underwear and said something to Brandon that I couldn’t hear. Brandon pulled the beads out of my ass in one fell swoop and said, “Get that mouth over here and blow me again,” as the top pulled a small, 6″ vibrating dildo out of his goodie-bag. I kneeled down and began blowing him again, thinking that I was about to get that vibrator shoved deep in my ass. Instead, Brandon switched positions, shoving his dick deep into my throat and then arching his ass up in the air. The top slowly worked the vibrator up inside Brandon’s ass, and as he pumped the power up on the vibrator, I could hear it buzzing louder and louder within his abdomen from where I was impaled on his dick.

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As the vibrator hit its highest setting, Brandon really started moaning, and then he said, “Get up, I need to unload this cum up inside you.” That was all I needed to hear, and I slid out from underneath him and got down on my hands and knees in front of the top. The top sat down on the couch behind him so that I could suck his dick easier, and I wrapped my lips around his 7″ cock, and started bobbing slowly up and down on it with my head. I felt Brandon’s thick mushroom head nudge up against my slick hole, and I pushed back so that it just started to push in barely. He took this as the sign to go full speed ahead. He pushed inside my hole relatively forcefully, letting the head pop in suddenly, and the unexpected pain caught me off guard and I let out a moan I hadn’t heard come out of my mouth before. It was the “oh-my-god-that-really-hurts-but-make-me-your-fuckhole-slave-and-abuse-my-hole-all-day-long” moan.

He didn’t stop pushing his bare cock deep into my ass until he was balls deep inside of me, and he didn’t even wait for me to get adjusted to his cock inside of me. To my surprise, even though he was a young guy, he knew his shit. He knew what it felt like to get fucked and he knew that I was feeling pain mixed with pleasure, and soon the pain would go away. He was making sure that he got his cock pumping inside my ass while it was still tight to enjoy that tight sensation that you can only feel in a just opened-up hole.

I clamped my lips back onto the older top’s dick, sucking fiercer than before and then my ass started to get used to the rough banging that I was getting. Once I started pushing back against the rock hard cock plunging into me, the top got up from off of the couch and positioned himself behind Brandon, and began pushing his cock deep into Brandon’s ass, forcing that hot dick even deeper into my hot insides. Brandon let out a deep moan, and stayed still with his thick cock resting in my ass as the top slowly fucked Brandon’s ass back and forth.

Treasure Island Media, Bad Seed

After a little bit more of the sandwich fucking, we all decided that our knees were rug burnt enough and we moved up onto the couch. I laid down on the couch and Brandon grabbed my legs and propped them upon his shoulders, positioning his stiff cock in front of my sore, puckered hole. He looked me in the eyes, leaned down and kissed me hard as he rammed his dark shaft up inside of me. I moaned in delightful and defeated pleasure as the nerves in my ass were assaulted by his thick, veiny dick. He started pumping inside my ass harder and faster. Brandon had that determined look in his face, and you could tell that he was inching his way closer to blowing that hot load deep within my guts.

I tightened up my hole around his dick. The effect of this was immediate as I could see from his face. He let out a deep groan, and his whole body shuddered as I felt my insides slicken up with the cum that he was pumping into me. The top standing watch over us took his cue and jumped on top of Brandon, shoved his cock back into Brandon’s ass. He was obviously close to cumming and didn’t want to waste it on his hand. In no time at all he was dumping his thick wad up into Brandon’s tight ass, just like Brandon had done to me.

After we caught our breath we all got up the top and I threw on our clothes and headed for the door. It was already 2 AM on a Wednesday. The top headed out the door quickly saying that he had lots of fun and he had to run because he had work in the morning. I lagged behind, chatting about this and that with Brandon:

“That was pretty hot.”


“I was loving your cock the whole time. I’m gonna need it again, soon.”

Story via Cum Slut Boy

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