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 I have a pet pig. My pet pig likes to make me happy. Sometimes, I feel like telling him to do a certain task for me. I usually text him the command and he will happily oblige. A few weeks ago, I told him to leave his desk at work, go into the bathroom, shoot a load into his hand and eat it. He did and took pics with his phone and sent them to me. Such a good pet pig.

He came to visit me in San Francisco and I had fun seeing what kind of fucked up things I could get him do – for me, to me and for my amusement. We decided to grab dinner at a nice restaurant. There were families, hipsters, businessmen, all around, enjoying the night out. We were wait listed for a table so we stood at the bar and waited. I know my pet pig likes piss. So, since this was a nice establishment, I found a way to make this a classy piss moment. I could have put some piss in a martini glass and had him sip on it, but surely, that would have drawn attention.

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Usually, I would find a troff to have him lay in or make him get on his knees so he could drink my piss straight from the tap. I wanted to be obvious but not get kicked out of the restaurant. His first drink came in a rocks glass. He drank this cocktail quickly, leaving a lot of ice behind. I grabbed his now empty cocktail glass and walked into the bathroom and filled it up with a specialty cocktail I like to call a #1.

Treasure Island Media, Drew Sebastian

As I walked back to find him standing at the bar, I handed him his glass. Just like a good P.P., he took his drink and started sipping and before I knew it, half the #1 was gone. We took that one to the table along with another that he had ordered while I was preparing his specialty beverage – continually sipping on it the rest of the meal.

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Later, we went to a sex club and walked around looking for trouble. Soon, we found a boot black chair and I climbed up in it and without saying a word, watched him get down and start to lick and clean my boots. First, the tops, then, the bottoms. I literally had to pull away, so I could go check out the other men wandering the club. He later told me that he was so content cleaning my boots with his tongue. So, I let my pet pig clean the boots again and again over the course of the weekend. Totally insatiable.

I have a pet pig. 😉

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