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Well, I have finally had my first anon breeding!

It happened in late May, when I was on BBRT one night. I got an e-mail from a guy near campus saying “Wanna come take my load right now?” Men who are direct and to the point with me get my undivided attention, because men like that are so rare these days. Looking over his profile, his pictures showed a bunch of hot body shots, but nothing up close and no head shots.

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I asked if he wanted to swap a few head shots before I headed to him, just to get an idea, even though I was already ready to go.

He replied, “I prefer anon. You cool with that?”


“Cool. Come over to my place, and once you get here, just come in; the door will be open. Come into the living room, and put on the blindfold that I have lying on the couch. Then, I’ll breed your tight ass and once I am done, I’ll leave.”

I got hard with just the prospect of doing anon for the first time, and said “Cool. On my way.”

As fast as I could, I flew out the doors of my college’s building. I couldn’t run fast enough across campus to my car, I was so excited.

A 5 minute drive later, I was out front of his place. I texted to him that I was there, as he had instructed me to do earlier.

“Come in,” he texted me back.

I walked up to the dark house in the middle of the suburban neighborhood, and pushed on the front door. The door silently swung open. I proceeded down his dark entryway hall. I came into the dimly lit living room, where upon a chaise lounge laid a bottle of poppers, a bottle of lube, and a blindfold.

I stripped, blindfolded myself, and got onto the lounge and waited in a doggy style position, my ass hanging out over the edge a bit, ready and waiting. I waited there for at least a minute, blind and listening eagerly for sounds of his approach. All I heard was my excited breathing.

Then, I heard a quiet creak as a door behind me was opened. My heart skipped a beat as my cock grew a bit firmer. I heard soft footsteps on the carpet as he approached my vulnerable and eager body, my spread ass cheeks and hungry hole on display for him.

All of a sudden, there was silence. No footsteps, no breathing, nothing. I listened intently for anything that hinted to me what was going on. Without a sound, he lightly laid an already lubed finger on my hole. I jumped slightly in response, and he continued to run his slick finger along my hole, slathering the lube upon my ass. He pushed very slightly on my waiting hole to put some of the lube inside my hole, and then he withdrew his finger. I heard a little squirt as he poured some lube into his hand and lubed up his cock.

Treasure Island Media, Outlaws

Without a word, he placed his wet cock at the opening of my eager hole, and firmly slid his 7″ thick cock into my ass, not stopping until he had gotten balls-deep within me. I let out a slight moan, staying quiet as possible. I did not want to be too loud since he was being utterly silent.

He pulled out and pushed all the way back inside, relaxing my hole, and before I knew it, my hole was being pounded by his thick hot cock. The blindfold I was wearing covered my eyes so well, that I felt almost as if I were dreaming, but the pleasure I was feeling most obviously told me that this man fucking me and working his way towards breeding my hungry hole was definitely real and horny. As the pleasure mounted for me, the closer he got to breeding me, the greater the desire I had to take off my blindfold and to see who it was that was going to be depositing his hot seed in me. I told myself no, that the turn on with anon was not knowing. Not ever knowing.

Now that that inner struggle had been over and done with, I focused once again on bringing pleasure to the man that was fucking my ass. I pushed back against his thick and rigid cock, and tightened my hole wanting his seed in me more than ever! I felt an added slickness within my ass, and I thought to myself, “Did he just cum?” But he kept on fucking me, and in fact it seemed he was fucking me as hard and as deep as he could! Soon enough, I felt something drip down onto my balls, and that’s when I realized that he WAS cumming! I was astounded, since he had given no warning at all! If I was turned on before, it was nothing compared to how hot it made me now! He slowed his pace, to which I sort of sighed, sad that it was over, since I definitely wanted more. MUCH more! He let his cum-slick and softening cock slip out of my ass and without a word or sound, he left the room. I heard the same door behind me close and I knew that I was cleared to leave.

I pulled off my blindfold, and was sort of confused by being able to see my surroundings again. I pulled my clothes on, savoring my just fucked feeling, wanting more…I knew that I had just gotten a taste of something that I could easily get addicted to. As I left his house, I quickly texted him, saying “Dude, that was fucking hot. Hit me up whenever you want to breed me! I am right across the street almost daily at the college!” and he texted back his agreed enjoyment.

Treasure Island Media, Outlaws

Since then, I have gotten regular breedings from my mystery man. I get off to the idea of being used by a group while blindfolded, and I have started writing down my info in bathroom stalls around campus, and around the state! Haven’t gotten a lot of responses to my info yet, but we’ll see!

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