(From chichimeca )  Adj.m. Mex. assembly of sperm and fluid substances that are produced in the male genital tract of animals and humans.

Mexican-Spanish slang for semen. Feed me your cum up my ass Jose!


This balls-to-the-wall fuckfest is the first full collaboration between MECOS FILMS and TREASURE ISLAND MEDIA. Filmed entirely on location in Mexico City, it’s also the first all-bare movie from the infamous Mexican studio.

MECOS is Mexican slang for CUM, and it’s a perfect title for this jizz dripping fiesta. If you love fat cocks and lots of cum, like you know I do, these hombres are sure to get your juices flowing. – Paul Morris 

MECOS [cum] available NOW. Only at

  1. Oh yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where r these men s I can get n ALL FOURS ” BLIND FOLDED ” oh yeah I am made to every one`s cum bucket

  2. What makes a real man? It’s not looks, the body, or how macho he is; it’s how hungry a man gets for breeding and seeding another man, the lust, the breathing, the sweat, and the hot sticky cum that follows, and as much as a man breeds, the more he wants it until he looses himself and become what we were meant to be… Down right depraved!

  3. I noticed a long time ago at the top of the page of, the locations listed “San Francisco / New York / London / Mexico City” and wondered when we’d see something from Mexico. Great!

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