CUMSLOPPY STORY || Door Unlocked for Nighttime Visit

One of my hottest hookups ever was with a semi regular fuckbud at the time, and one day I texted him, saying the front door would be unlocked for the next 24 hours or so, that I would be in the house all day naked going about my usual routine but without any clothes on, and that he was welcome to come anytime, let himself in, and the moment he was inside I would be his fuck slave. He texted back asking if that applied to any hour of the day or night, I replied yes, and when I went to bed around midnight I had a feeling i was going to wake up to bare cock in my face!

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Sure enough it was around 3 in the morning when I woke up feeling cold and realized dumbly that all my sheets were off me for some reason, and then in the dark, i realized there was a naked guy standing next to my bed, his boner pointing straight at me … My fuck bud had come to collect on a promise. But instead of having me suck him first as he usually did, he was already pouring lube on his cock, then jumped in bed on top of me, forced me to roll the rest of the way flat and face down, then slipped that snake inside my shitter and proceeded to rawfuck me like a maniac. (He had always used a condom before.)

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He was so fucking turned on, he told me later, by anticipating this all day long … going to bed himself at his home knowing he was going to get up to drive over to my house, lying awake the whole time unable to get it off his mind, then coming to my door in the middle of the night while all my neighbors were asleep, quietly letting himself in, sneaking around the downstairs to make sure I wasn’t down there (we had fucked in the living room before), then tip-toeing up the stairs to my room and stripping down while watching and listening to me sleeping soundly (I may have even been snoring a little) … he said he was so turned by all of this that he gave up on the rubber and had this overwhelming caveman-like urge to breed my hole, rape it even, like he was an actual intruder. And he was so rough I was hurting with my face in the pillows trying to muffle my cries. It was a superhot fuck and an experience I have yet to repeat.

What I would love to do is have a guy like that (he was married and they’ve since moved to a new house they built) come over sometime and tie me up in a sling in my basement, fuck a load into me, then leave me there, promising to return to do me again and untie me, but not saying when, just leaving me there unable to free myself until he came back, and lie there for however long not knowing when it will end and seeing how my mind reacts to that situation. Ideally, I’ll hear his car that night, hear him let himself in, then hear voices as he leads 2 or 3 other guys through my house showing them around before they all come down to the cellar to gangrape me by flashlight.

Treasure Island Media, Cum Whore

And if they’re all black, that would be the killer. I could die in that sling with a smile on my face.

Story via Like a Champ


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