A longtime relationship with my favorite fuckbud got kicked up a notch Friday when I finally relented and let him fuck me raw the whole session, spewing seed in me when he came both times. I’ve known Rob for a few years; we met online, and I quickly became infatuated with his black beauty of a boner… a full 8 inches, probably a little more. Thick, as in wide… it’s one of those cocks that isn’t necessarily round, nor flat of course, but is shaped for slightly harder entry into a mouth trying to open wider while the jawbone is stretched to the max for deep throating. And he never “pops a boner” per se. That is, it doesn’t stand straight up when he’s fully hard, but rather points outward, rising up only halfway from its hang-down position, which is perfect once again for some serious, get-on-your-knees and worship-this-cock-with-your-throat service.

TIMFuck, Treasure Island Media, Brad McGuire, Morgan Black

The thing I love most about his cock is that it gets thicker/wider about 2/3 of the way up from the base, then tapers off a little toward the head. If you’ve ever taken a dick like that in your hole, you know what that means… It stretches your hole as it first breaks the plane, then, with your sphincter stretching to accommodate that buldge just past the head, it suddenly tapers off, your sphincter recognizes the difference and your cunt starts to literally suck that cock the rest of the way inside of you. Pure heaven.

But up until now I’ve always asked Rob to wear a condom. Sure, I’d let him fuck me raw for a few strokes now and then. But after a few poundings, I’d insist he suit up for more. I have always tried to be careful with everyone, and while I have had my cherry popped as far as taking raw dick and load (it was someone I knew and trusted pretty well), I had never done that with Rob despite his pleadings. The last time we’d fucked, in fact, he was almost childish about it, claiming for the first time that he was “allergic” to Latex, something that never seemed to bother him on numerous previous trysts.

Anyway, I guess absence makes the heart as well as the hole grow hornier. I e-mailed him early last week, called him after that, and arranged for a Friday get-together. And oh yeah, I told him upfront, “I want to take you raw.”

When I got to his place, he was as excited as a little kid at Christmas. He was even more turned on when I pulled the sweater off over my head to reveal my new leather harness. Except for that, we were both naked in no time and I was on my knees in front of Black Beauty after a too-long separation. I started sucking, slurping, sliding my tongue all over it, shoving my tongue tip in his slit, and lapping up those heavy balls of his. Turned out he hadn’t touched himself for a couple of days in anticipation of our meeting, so he was carrying two full spermtanks. His sac was pulled up and tight, covered with rich black crinkly folds of skin that felt so sensuous when I ran my tongue across them. And his smell… fuck bro, he was on fire and the musk from his body heat was getting me horned up and high.

But my usual round of sloppy service was cut a little short Friday, and for good reason. He was afraid he was going to shoot his load all over my face and the floor if I continued. So he had me assume our favorite position to start with — doggy — and then he got on his knees behind me to commence the key ingredient to his personal repertoire of sexual manuevers.

He rimmed me.

Rob has always been the best I’ve ever had, and that day was no exception. He shaves his head bald, which in itself is really hot and sexy, but when he knows he’s going to fuck, he usually tries to let a little stubble sprout over his head. When he goes to town on an ass, he likes to stop munching for a minute so he can shove his whole head in there, like it was the head of his cock, rubbing and twisting and squirming that fuzzy melon all over my cheeks and as close to my hole as he can possibly get. Talk about a head butt.

Then he lifts his head and shoves his face back in there and continues to tongue-bathe my anus. He paints the pink parts all around the crinkly folds of my hole. He teases my shitter with the tip of his tongue, occasionally slapping one of his hands on the side of my butt to add a little pain to the pleasure. And finally, he tongue-fucks my chute with one fucking hot strong mouth muscle that goes surprisingly deep inside of me. He knows — and I have long since learned — that this is the best way, the only way, to adequately prepare a tight cunt for a fat cock. And he does it so well. In fact, I think if he continued another five minutes in addition to the 10 or 15 that he was spending down there, I would’ve sprayed his carpet with white goo.

After a couple more spanks on my ass, he was ready. And so was I. While rimming me, I was flexing my hole for him, trying to push it out as much as I could. I’ve learned from HotPigg this cool bottom trick to push out your hole as the head of your top’s cock is starting to push in, and things will go a lot smoother for all parties. With my hole literally dripping wet, Rob would have no trouble at all. And since we were going raw, he used just a minimum amount of lube on his cock. (He usually slobbers it all over the condom and my crack for the benefit of both of us, but not this day.)

I love the feeling of being on the floor like this, palms and knees touching the ground, my head lowered and my ass raised up, feeling the ‘ceps on both my arms steel themselves for the onslaught about to occur on my rear flank, and Rob’s hands gripping both cheeks of my ass as he navigates this massive bomb toward its target. The moment the slit and the crown make contact is like no other. I let out a sigh and push my sphincter extra hard. Rob lets the head circle around a little, feeling its own way, trying not to use his hands to do the work of gravity and animal magnetism. Then he starts to push inward. The corona of Rob’s cock is slightly flared out, making that first breach of my ass ring slightly painful, but then the skin-on-skin glide commences and my sphincter starts expanding to fit his 6-inch-diameter wide spot.

I know he’s in me when my ass begins its natural sucking action, drawing the rest of him deeper, until I feel that most amazing of all sensations for any bottom: The nuzzling of fur against my tailbone. God I love this dude’s curlies. They are short and thick and stiff and always leave a mark on my heiney afterward. Mostly little indents from where they slammed into my skin over the course of a couple of hours or more, but also a sort of red rash from where they scraped me raw.

TIMFuck, Treasure Island Media, Brad McGuire, Morgan Black

Rob holds his cock in me to let me adjust. And to let me take another huge hit of poppers. I actually employ my sock trick here, soaking a corner of a gym sock with poppers, rolling it inside the dry part of the cloth, then putting that in my mouth. I inhale deeply through my mouth, and the poppers-soaked sock acts as a sort of filter, bringing popper-laden fumes into my lungs, and thus into my bloodstream, a lot faster and more efficiently than if you try snorting poppers through your nostrils. The key is getting it into your lungs, so why take a longer, more circuitous route?

Anyway, I was poppered up for sure by this time, and Robert took it from there. He pulled back so the wide spot is at my back door again, then he went back in. Backward, forward, back and forth, just like that for a while. Later, he will pull back past the wide spot but not all the way out, then shove it back in past my ring. And still later, he will be exiting my hole completely and ramming it back in full force, when we’re both lying flat on his bed, when my hole has been pummeled enough for this brutal form of banging which I absolutely love.

Friday, the sex sounded so different, and sort of felt different, knowing he was not only raw the whole time, but was not going to pull out when he was climaxing. And this friction on our favorite body parts started to work its magic on the climaxing. Because he hadn’t shot a load in a few days, and because we were barebacking, it took Rob no time at all to shoot his first load. And it was a gusher. He started panting, in fact, when he came close, and started to give me a few hard ramfucks as he began to spew, finally slamming my ass with one wicked thrust and holding himself inside there while he shot ropes against my walls. There was no mistaking it either. I know you can’t really feel wads of cum hitting your insides physically, but you can definitely feel the change in temperature in your ass, and the change in the way that cock is gliding in and out of you.

Rob let that first batch finish, then continued where he left off, never once pulling completely out of my hole. In no time at all, we started hearing the delicious sound of a sloppy hole being squished over and over again by a ramrod cock and a moistened bush. For every thrust from Rob, my arms held me up, and I even pushed back a little so that when my buttocks and his pelvis met, the wet smacking sound of male skin on male skin was loud and unmistakable. We were really fucking now. I almost didn’t have to work at it. That harness I was wearing? Rob was ecstatic. He was able to grab onto the closest straps with either one hand or both hands, and just pull me into him as he thrust forward.

I knew once Rob got that first load out of the way, he would go for a long time till the next one, and I would stay right with him. My hole goes numb after a while, it’s been stretched open, ripped apart, abused, used and misused, and I love it. I start slamming back harder. We stun ourselves at our countless little impacts. Rob’s boner is bigger than ever. Sweat is covering our skin everywhere. Pre is pouring out of my slit but I dare not touch it, I dare not shoot. This, to me, is always about the top. I’m there to take it. To take whatever he dishes out. To me, the turnon is knowing this, picturing what this looks like. Me, the jock boy, on my hands and knees in servitude to a dominant top — white or black or asian doesn’t matter — seeing how long this stud’s cock can go before blowing a final huge load, usually all over my face but today, up my ass.

We change positions a few times, using the nearby couch for starters in a position Rob loves with me leaning against the back of the couch while he’s pounding away at my pussy from behind. But we usually end up in his bed, and today is no exception. We were on the floor and couch for roughly an hour when Rob had me stand up, his cock still in my hole, and fucked me standing up for a little while. It was then that I first noticed the sensation of something moist running down my leg. It felt cold almost. Yes, it was used cum. He had finally fucked out his first load as we stood up, and it was starting to form a moist path down the back of my leg. I wouldn’t call it a river… I think I’d need to get gangbanged raw for that to happen — Dawson-wise, LOL — but it was incredibly hot nonetheless. Some of it was even collecting in Rob’s bush, adding a whole new smell to our lovemaking. “How much did you shoot before?” I asked. Rob wasn’t sure, but he knew he had a lot more to add soon.

So now it was time for the brutal banging in bed that we both knew would send Rob over the top. I collapsed on the sheets, he collapsed on top of me, then raised his pelvis over my cheeks, aimed his cock for my hole, and started his piston-fucking. Slamming like he’s never slammed before. Making a racket with his rickety old bed, forcing out more than a few loud chants of “Oh God” from my lungs, my toes curling from the beating, over and over and over he plunged inside from outside, ripping his bone out of me and leaving a gaping exit wound every time, only to shove it all back inside my cunt when he returned fire. Missing his target on occasion and slamming that fuckstick into my ass cheek or against my balls — OUCH — then getting back in the groove and feeling almost soothing, almost like this is what was meant to be, this is heaven, this is perfect.

I have never been much of an art freak, but to me, the most beautiful scene in nature is the male form. Multiply that with two males locked in conjugal bliss, and I think you have as close to the ideal art form as humans can get. Mapplethorpe understood this, and so did others like Tom of Finland. Now make one of those males white and the other black, and it is perfection.

Rob was starting to pant again, so I knew this bliss would end soon. He settled on top of me for the final countdown, humping me from behind but keeping his cock sheathed in my now very sloppy skin-lined chute. He wrapped his arm around my neck and was sucking, licking the back of my sweaty shoulderblades and the nape of my neck. I propped myself up a little bit on my elbows so his other hand could get under my torso, where his thumb and forefinger started playing with one of my tits. He whispered with his lips pressed against my ear those magic words: “Want to cum together?” Fuck yeah, let’s do it… So he proceeded to edge while I started humping the sheets underneath me, rubbing my cock back and forth while his big black boner was sitting inside my ass. I could feel the head of my cock slick with precum, so I knew I could do this… but I reached one of my hands down to my crotch to start stroking as best I could, and the first touch of my cock sent tingles through my body.

“Dude, I’m gonna cum.”

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He picked up the pace again, starting to fuck me a little harder, and all of a sudden I gave him the second-best gift you can give a man: the involuntary spasms of your sphincter wrapped around his cock while you’re climaxing a load of cum underneath. Those sensations were enough to unleash the reserve tanks in Rob’s sac, and he filled me a second time, this time overflowing my hole, so both us — and the bed too — were now bathed in jizz.

Story via Like a Champ

  1. Very well written by ‘Like a Champ’ .Horny lovemaking story. I liked very much..

  2. Rob, my man. Doing it the way it should be done, hot, heated, nasty and raw. Seeding the best of he-bitches until they’ve been seeded and sore like a first time virgin all over again.

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