The Best PSA for Knowing Your HIV Status

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By: Michael Carchrie Campbell

For all of us living with HIV there is often a worry about telling someone about our HIV status. Do we tell partners, will they react in a caring, loving way, or will it mean the end of a relationship?

Instinct magazine has recently highlighted a new Public Service Announcement made by the Impulse Group. Teaming up with Tastemaker, John Saint-Denis of the Advisorie Group, to film a short highlighting the journey from a break up to knowing one’s HIV status to communicating that status to others. And of course, love and compassion prevail.

Writing for Instinct, Nigel Campbell wrote:

Check out this  super sexy NSFW, public service announcement video from Impulse Group.  The non-profit group’s PSA “Knowing” wants to spread the message of the importance of “knowing your HIV status, telling and asking, and choosing love.”

Did we mention it’s also hot as hell and we’re not sure how long it’s going to allowed on YouTube?  Not to mention Eli Lieb is serving up an excellent cover of “Stay.”

To view the PSA, click here.

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