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This week I had a message from a guy that works very close to my office. He found me online and wanted to find out if I would be up for taking a load from him during the day.

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I replied yes, as you know I would.

Today I saw him and gave him my contact info. About an hour later I had an e-mail saying that he wanted to be blown.

This is a younger guy, and from the cock pics I saw I knew it would be a mouth full and I also saw the he had some ginger in him. Yum.

At the designated time I was in the bathroom when he walked in and headed for the largest stall. I followed behind and got down on my knees.

As he was pulling out his semi erect cock, I was already getting hard.

Yes, it was a hot red head, and with some tantalizingly hairy nuts too. HOT.

I immediately took his cock into my mouth and started to suck and slurp. It was not long before he was at full mast, and I was giving head to the cock I knew would be filling my mouth and throat with it’s thick shaft.

Sure enough, once he was rock hard I opened my throat and let him slide in. Well, he took that as a sign and began to fuck my face.

My cock was bursting to be released, but I did not want to waste any time pulling it out.

Because we could hear people in the adjacent bathroom I made sure to curb my gag reflex and it was not easy with that cock pummeling my tonsils so hard.

Fuck, it was hot – I had to pull off a bit to catch my breath, but then went straight back down on him.

Treasure Island Media, TIMSuck

I used my hand to stroke the shaft while I worked my lips and tongue around his swollen head. My other hand was cupping and fondling his cum filled balls.

More stroking and swallowing, then it was time to see if we could get every inch down my throat again.

Yep, perfect fit.

His breathing started to get heavier and his mushroom head was also starting to swell, while I had him in my mouth he told me that he was about to cum.

Usually I would love to have a first time load hit my face and savor the feeling of his splattering onto my tongue and lips, but I had no way to clean up in this bathroom , so I just nodded and let him begin to blow.

With the first spurt his shaft swelled and I could feel how thick his load was….fuck!! After that first shot, I leaned forward to let his cock bury down my throat and blast it straight down my gullet.

Treasure Island Media, TIMSuck

Sometimes there is not a scene more hot than a deep throat blast and being able to feel the pulse as each volley of jizz gushes out. This was one of those Рnot a drop missed and the sweet flavor of hot young ginger spunk as I headed back to work.

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