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The week between Christmas and New Year’s eve was a very eventful week. Max and I went to see his family in SoCal. Even though we were staying at his parents’ family house, that didn’t stop us from having fun of our own!

We got there on Christmas eve. We had just enough time to settle in and start hanging out with the family. I was so horny and you should know, by now, that Max is always horny. I felt like sticking my dick in him and leaving a load for him to carry with him all night. His family never knew what was safely deposited in his guts. I wish it had started leaking down his leg during dinner! Maybe leave a stain on his mother’s fancy dining room chairs! HOT!

Christmas day was going to be a rough one. With youngsters and family and presents and all… Max and I woke up and gave each other hand jobs. He jumped down and swallowed my entire load – like the good boy that he is! I’d be good for a few hours, at least.

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The next day, we went to the beach for a little surfing and sun. It was after that when things got interesting. We had a hot friend come visit us for the evening. After several drinks and lots of flirting, we brought him back to the ‘rent’s house. We piled into the bed and snuggled up. After a few minutes, I could tell Max was getting frisky. He was grinding his hips into our buddy. I reached over and felt our friend’s cock, hard as a rock, and started stroking it. They started kissing and I started rubbing my cock on Max’s ass. I knew it would take more than spit for us to get dirty, so I got up to get some lube.

I was only gone for 2 minutes, and when I got back, they were face to face with Max starting to wet his cock and push it into our friend’s hot ass. I let them hash that out for a bit before offering the slick stuff. Then, the guy said he needed lube. I was right on time. I said, “Let me get you lubed up.” I slapped some lube on my dick and on his hole and started to slide in. He wasn’t ready for that, but he wouldn’t let me pull away. That’s so hot to me! That moment of realization that you’re taking a huge cock and you feel the initial stretch and “pain” but don’t want to stop! I just held steady there in his ass for a minute. Then, I pulled out and put some more lube on my cock. I slid back into a warm hole ready for a good stretching.

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After a few minutes, I let Max have a go. He’s the one who got all this started, anyway. lol. He fucked the guy’s ass and I kissed him and let him jack my cock. After a while the guy busted a nut, but he wanted our loads, so we kept fucking him.

Max and I took turns. It was hard to keep quiet, but we knew his parents were in the room next door.

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I couldn’t hold back any more! I was in his ass and realized we never talked about cumming in each other. I said, “I’m about to cum! In you or on you?” He responded by pulling my hips into him so tight, there’s no way I could have gotten free if I wanted to. But I definitely didn’t want to get free! Max usually knows the deal about swapping loads. He already knew that the guy was a collector of DNA. It was his turn to add to the collection. He jumped right in there and pumped a load deep in the guy’s ass.

We were ready for bed. We assumed the position of the 3 person spoon and fell asleep. In the morning, Max started again with the friskiness. God love him! What would I do without my sidekick?!

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