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Story via Brad Bare

My boyfriend and I have an open relationship and we enjoy the freedom this brings to our relationship. Last week my boyfriend hooked up with a straight guy through Squirt while I was at work (which is okay with me). The straight guy ended up coming over to our house for some hot afternoon sex and he was a little nervous, because he’s married and apparently not very experienced in hooking up with other guys. To help paint a clearer picture for you, the guy is aged in his late twenties, skinny and masculine with a gentle voice. Hot!

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Although I was not involved in the sexual encounter between my boyfriend and this hot straight dude, I did get to experience the pleasure these two experienced a few hours earlier. The straight guy topped my boyfriend wearing a condom and while I don’t like condoms (because I’m a barebacker), I was certainly appreciative of the condom usage on this occasion. I’ll skip over the encounter between my boyfriend and this guy because I wasn’t actually part of it, so I don’t know all of the intimate details, but what I do know is that this guy fucked my boyfriend and he loved it and came inside the condom. My boyfriend removed the condom, then tied a knot in the end of it to seal in the breeder juices and he discarded the rubber in the trash.

When I returned home from work my boyfriend told me all about his sizzling encounter with the straight guy from Squirt and he also told me that his new straight buddy left his squirt of sperm in the condom, which was kept in a safe place as a surprise for my return home. My boyfriend told me all about the sexual encounter and that made me so hard that I wanted to experience it myself. That’s when we decided that I would fuck my boyfriend bareback using the cum from the used condom as lube and it was fucking awesome!

I retrieved the used condom, undid the knot and then slid my dick right inside it, where the straight guy had wrapped his dick in the same condom a few hours earlier. By the way, the dude had a nice big load and the reservoir of the condom was completely full and a decent amount of his cum started to enter the main part of the condom. I played with the the cum inside the condom with my dick inside it, squeezing the tip of the condom so the dudes cum soaked the head and shaft of my cock with his sticky load. It felt great! Then I removed my raging boner and drained the cum from the condom and smeared it all over my dick and balls. It was time to breed my boyfriend!

Treasure Island Media, TIMFuck

I then inserted my rock-hard cock inside my boyfriends sweet ass with the breeder dudes cum glazed all over my dick. I fucked him nice and hard and it didn’t take me long to cum because I was so horny from the whole experience that I blew my own load deep inside my boyfriends ass where our juices merged together. We both loved the experience and found a way where we could both experience the pleasure from this encounter.

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