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He’s 22, a father. His mind is quick and he’s full of goodwill, friendliness and humor. He devours experience avidly and headfirst.

Socially he identifies as straight.  He’s in a committed relationship with a woman.  But he’s done some gay porn.  In fact, just before this shoot we’d shot him being sucked off by a man.


Porn is like prison or the military.  It can ruin a man or prey on his neuroses or insecurities.  Or it can be an element in his development of a stronger sense of self.  The latter was the case with Brent.

Without a trace of arrogance, he was rightfully proud of his body.  Wherever I pointed the camera he would flex, moving slightly this way or that in order to give me what he thought I wanted from him.  At one point I told him he was beautiful.  His eyes widened and he laughed with delight.


Always, each time I photograph a young man, I wonder about what it is we’re doing together.  As warm and cheerful as he was, Brent was also perfectly serious about this session.  Where does this come from, this willingness, generosity and seriousness?  What does it mean for both of us?


They know they are young.  They know their power and their fragility.  And they depend on us to truly see them, to worship them, to nurture them, to teach them who and what they are.


What have I learned?  I’ve learned that if we give them our best they will do the same, some with more sureness and aplomb than others—but they know absolutely that they are there for us and we are here for them.

At the end of the shoot, as I started to walk out, he shook my hand and held it firmly. He looked into my eyes and said “I’m Brent.  It’s my real name. Brent. Remember me.” – Paul Morris

  1. Where can I see the video of Brent being sucked by the guy who loves it so much and even sucks his feet and swallows his load. I used to have the video but lost it.

  2. I think that he’s changed dramatically from the man he used to be and that is reflected in what you’ve experienced Paul. I’m happy to see that he’s not abandoned the industry based on his earlier and albeit brief, foray into the business; it would be a shame to see a man of his physical caliber to be lost while also depriving him of an invaluable learning opportunity about himself, sexual minorities and the cultural capital placed on sexual identity in the US.

    With that said, I too share some of the concerns that many here have about the role that gay men play in terms of valorizing G4P men in porn. But, the fact is I think that the more men (of ALL sexualities) who have intimate sexual (and emotional) connections with each other betters our own position in US society…

    My $0.02 worth.

  3. there are so many hot gay men in the world and hire a straight man who has previously made ​​some unfortunate and humiliating statements, in 2012 for Admitting I prefers Working with gay pays 4 Because he knows his scene partner was not enjoying it either. if it is so, does not like to work with gay actors Brent. Brent will have to do straight porn scenes that you put hard cock?

    Tim you are the best producer of gay porn, do not catch a bad road with G4P.

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