Get “Viral Loads” for Free!* The “Cock In A Sock” Contest

Over the years, we’ve lost and found the equivalent of several thousand outfits around the world in pursuit of mansex; shirts, leather vests, jock straps, and especially socks have all been left behind in post-coital afterglow. Someone’s finally figured out how to put all those socks to good use. 

Treasure Island Media, Cocks In Socks

The London-based charity “Cock In a Sock” is trying to raise £5,000 (USD $8,275.50) for Cancer Research UK, the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. The campaign aims to raise public awareness about testicular and prostate cancer through a viral marketing campaign using Instagram, Twitter, hashtags, and a whole lot of cock.

Lover of all things men, we have decided to donate to this worthy cause. And you should too. We’ll reward you handsomely for it.

We’re giving away 10 copies of Paul Morris’ brand-new fuck flick, VIRAL LOADS (a $60 value). The top 10 donors at the end of the week will receive our latest infectious release in the format of your choice: download-to-own (DTO) or DVD.  Here’s what to do:

Go to to donate to the official charity or to if you want to donate in dollars. Either page will give all of the proceeds directly to the Cancer Research UK fund. Brit-pigs can also donate by texting ‘SOCK70 £amount’ to 70070 (UK only).

Then post your #cockinasock photo to Instagram (naked except for a sock on your cock), tag @PaulMorrisMen and hashtag #cockinasock.  Finally, e-mail us an image of your receipt or a screenshot of your text donation (see below) to to enter the running. 

Treasure Island Media, Cocks In Socks

We’ll happily post any and all of your #cockinasock selfies, but our goal is to kill cancer. Only those who donate to our page or send in their receipts will be eligible for the contest.

On April 4th, we will post the top 10 donors, all of whom will receive a copy of Paul’s latest mindfuck, Viral Loads.

Happy socking!

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